Traceability of sterilized medical devices for dental offices

Traceability of sterilized medical devices for dental offices

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, Total Technologies together with iDava Solutions, is launching a special offer for dental offices. This dental sterile device traceability project supports automation in dental healthcare to help provide safe medical services for patients.

The offer brings a 20% discount (available until April 15, 2023) for medical practices that purchase "DRH" (disinfectant ready housing) equipment and use the iStoma software, developed by iDava Solutions. The voucher is awarded after providing the iStoma partner code.

Get the iStoma partner code here:

See the products included in this promo: Echipamente trasabilitate in cabinetele stomatologice

These products are:

  • A barcode scanner, Honeywell Voyager XP 1470
  • A barcode label printer, Honeywell PC42T
  • The best quality consumables to withstand the medical work environment: thermal transfer ribbon TMX 1310 and white labels, 40X25 mm.
  • The iStoma software.

In addition, upon request, the Honeywell EDA52 terminal can be purchased at a very attractive price. The terminal is similar to a smartphone, but it has a dedicated barcode scanner, which even helps to optimize the inventory process of the equipment in the office, offering speed in scanning and data accuracy.

The solution helps dental practices to comply with the regulations established by the Ministry of Health for alignment with European Union norms.

Just as it did during the pandemic, Total Technologies continues to support the medical community in Romania through scanning projects, green certificates, social distancing or telemedicine solutions.

The traceability process doesn't have to be complicated. With the help of the right technologies, the implementation of the measures can be done efficiently and in a very short time. Total Technologies provides you with the necessary infrastructure for equipment installation and employee training. For additional information, do not hesitate to call Total Technologies consultants at +40 372 317 714.