SOTI - One Platform

SOTI - One Platform

Today mobility is essential for any company. Multiple employees in different locations perform multiple tasks from multiple applications, on multiple operating systems and device types at the same time. The rapid growth of the number of employees and connected devices is constantly generating new challenges for your companies.

  • How do you build critical applications quickly and efficiently?
  • How do you deploy, manage and secure devices?
  • How do you provide remote support?
  • How do you gain visibility into your mobile operations?

You can find the answers to all these questions with SOTI - One platform.

SOTI One Platform is an integrated suite of solutions that reduce the cost, complexity and downtime of business-critical mobile technology. It helps you build apps faster, manage and monitor all your mobile devices and IOT endpoints, provide remote support to any device at any time, and provides useful insights into your workforce and mobile assets.

SOTI One Platform is a suite of six integrated solutions:

1. Soti MobiControl is an award-winning Enterprise Mobility Management solution that simplifies the security and management of all connected endpoints.

2.Soti xSight is an artificial intelligence diagnostic tool that provides the analysis, support and management tools you need to solve problems faster, protect against potential problems and improve performance on Roi of your business - the critical mobile strategy.

3. SotiConnect is an IOT solution that enables the management of IOT devices, both modern and legacy, giving companies greater control over their growing IOT portfolio.

4. Soti Identity enables secure access to the SOTI - One Platform suite of solutions. Provides centralized user access management and unique access alignment.

5. Soti Snap is a cross-code free mobile app development solution. Create apps in minutes by simply dragging and dropping features onto a mobile canvas.

6. Soti Central is an online community for SOTI partners and customers that allows them to connect, communicate and collaborate around SOTI One Solutions.

Access the migration offer from a competing MDM solution to SOTI now!

 If you are currently using another MDM solution, for the first purchase of SOTI we can come up with a competitive offer, namely, for 2 years paid you will get 1 year free.

This offer is valid exclusively for deals that exceed 10K euros and is approved based on a screenshot that proves the existence of another MDM solution and that complies with the following conditions:

  • Let's see what MDM solution is used;
  • To be able to see the number of licenses;
  • To be able to see the customer's name;

*No personal/sensitive data is requested, it will be blurred.

Keeping up with the rapidly evolving mobile app operations is critical to your business's success, but at the same time it puts pressure on your company's resources and budget. Let the Soti One platform make it simpler, smarter and more reliable, giving you more time to focus on what matters most, growing your business. For more details about Soti One Platform, do not hesitate to call our consultants, who are always at your disposal, tel +40 372 317 714.