Total Technologies® has finalized the implementation of the solution that has led to triple the productivity and increase the accuracy within FAN COURIER warehouses

Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> has finalized the implementation of the solution that has led to triple the productivity and increase the accuracy within FAN COURIER warehouses

Honeywell Vocollect Voice solution, successfully promoted and implemented by Total Technologies®, Platinum Partner Honeywell in Romania, is a mature solution, already present in over 60 countries, in distribution center processes, with over 1 000 000 users worldwide  …

The implementation of the Honeywell Vocollect Voice solution within Fan Courier warehouses has had a major impact on the manual sorting process by decreasing the errors 5 times, but also by tripling the operators' productivity (from 300 units per hour to an average of 900 units per hour).

Another benefit of implementing the Honeywell Vocollect Voice solution is reducing the time required for user training, which has a significant decrease from 3 days to only 2 hours.

The simplicity of using the Pick by Voice solution represents an alternative for the problem of the lack of qualified personnel facing the business environment in Romania. The success of the project is a common success, behind which, for three months, was a team of professionals who collaborated exemplarily.

The Fan Courier - Total Technologies® partnership started more than 10 years ago and has continued to rely on the solutions offered by the integrator as the optimum one for streamlining the warehouse activities. The beneficiary trusted Total Technologies®' ability to bring operational benefits by integrating a solution we find in the classic processes of picking, replenishment, put away and cycle counting. This proves the versatility and scalability of this solution for new processes.

The power of the example makes a thousand theoretical presentations:

Total Technologies®, the main Honeywell partner in Romania, is an IT company with over 25 years' experience, specialized in integrating barcode, RFID and Pick by Voice equipment in automatic data collection and processing applications, mobile solutions and fixed printing.

The after-sales services offered are unique in Romania, Total Technologies® being the only Honeywell Authorized Service in Romania. This statute allows solving the technical problems of the equipment at the local level, both during the warranty period and during the post-warranty period.

The Service Department team is composed of qualified, certified and experienced technicians in the field. Additionally, Total Technologies® offers professional services such as site evaluations, process analysis, ROI and TCO analysis for the proposed solutions, pilot and POC projects for testing the solutions and equipment offered, support services, service and maintenance contracts as well as interventions on demand.

For information on the benefits of using voice-based solutions or for details on other solutions, you can contact Total Technologies®.