Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels

With the advent of online stores, enormous pressure has been placed on physical commerce. In order to keep up with the current reality, physical retail is forced to constantly find various ways to increase their productivity and reduce their expenses. One way you can do this is by digitizing labels.

Total Technologies presents Vusion - a label digitization solution, produced by SES - Imagotag, the most advanced electronic labeling solution on the market today.

VUSION's Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) have unique, specific features that enable the digitization of physical retail. Digital price tags increase responsiveness, accuracy and quality in price display. They effectively eliminate the process of manually changing paper labels, freeing up employees' time to focus on higher value-added tasks such as serving customers. At the same time, electronic labels are eco-friendly, considerably reducing paper consumption.

Features of Electronic Shelf Labels:

  • It is the fastest checkout service for buyers;
  • It has high-quality, high-resolution e-ink displays;
  • Color rendering Black / White / Red (yellow optional) Display;
  • High-speed wireless data transmission;
  • Battery capable of supporting more than 7500 updates, with a lifespan of up to 5 years;
  • More mounting options;
  • High flexibility in hardware and firmware customization; customers are free to develop an individual solution;
  • No application required, no account creation required, no identification required to use the Vusion solution;

With Electronic Shelf Labels you increase efficiency both in stores and directly on the shelf as follows:

      1. Store Efficiency:

  • Automation of prices;
  • Omnichannel synchronization;
  • Fast reaction time to the competition;


       2. Shelf efficiency:

  • Optimize the Click & Collect service;
  • Automatic stock detection;
  • Precise location of the product;
  • Reduce inventory time;


The advantages of using Electronic Shelf Labels:


  • The prices of the products in the store are updated in real time;
  • The storefront only displays products that are immediately available and at the local price;
  • Retailers are able to save time and reallocate staff to higher value-added tasks;
  • They have the highest ROI in retail;

Through the Vusion solution, you can also involve your customers in the activities or campaigns carried out by your store as follows:

  • Liaise with buyers;
  • Advertise on the shelf;
  • Easy search + find;
  • Identification of the buyer;
  • Digital services in stores;

Electronic Shelf Labels can have an immediate impact on your store's operations and profitability. As pricing and promotions are automated, you can effectively eliminate pricing errors (-99%), reduce time spent on paper label updates (-80%), avoid customer complaints or fines from authorities, overall improve price image as well as customer confidence.

For questions about the Vusion electronic label solution, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are always at your disposal.