Conveyor scanner load

 It is an integrated Hardware&Software solution that insures every pallet loaded on conveyors has its barcodes scanned and validated by WMS. Once response is received from WMS the conveyor is ordered to actually load the pallet.

Features and Benefits

  • Enterprise class: The system is tested and has a high scalability, high reliability.
  • Integrations: WMS integration is done through various web services: SOAP, REST, POST Other integrations may be implemented per project basis. Conveyor integration can be either by serial interfaces or electric relays, depending on conveyor belt capabilities.
  • Application Management: The solution features its own web based management interface. The interface is user friendly designed. It allows quick reconfiguration of scanning and timing parameters, out of the box learning and integration of new load points, real time monitors for all or each load points and convenient logging and reporting.
  • Scanners: The solution can work either with directly USB connected scanners using keyboard emulation or dedicated network attached scanners. Integration of new network attached scanner models maybe implemented per project basis. At this moment we support all Honeywell USB scanners and all network attached Keyence SR series scanners.

Conveyor scanner load