FarEye - the ideal solution for couriers

FarEye - the ideal solution for couriers

FarEye is a unique solution, developed specifically for the courier segment. FarEye's all-in-one, no-codding delivery platform gives you customization, real-time visibility, access to customer experiences and business process management; all this to ensure that all deliveries are executed correctly, accurately and on time, starting from the moment the order is completed until the products arrive at the customer's door.

Logistics management often turns out not to be an easy job. But what is logistics management?

Logistics management includes several processes that ensure the seamless movement of goods, parcels, raw materials, stocks and packages from the point of origin to the final customers. These processes can be both automated and manual, depending on a company's digital maturity. A modern and efficient logistics management armed with innovative technologies gives companies the opportunity to discover new revenue streams, increase profitability and generate delightful customer experiences. The FarEye solution can be your reliable ally on the way to effective management.

"Last Mile" is the most complex delivery process; it's hard to orchestrate and it's expensive. Consumers want both their goods and a fantastic consumer experience. Just one negative experience and you may not get a second chance.

85% of consumers will stop shopping with a retailer due to poor delivery experiences. That's too big a number to risk letting them down. Fortunately, now there is help for you - the FarEye Solution!

Better deliveries -> prosperous business

Today the world is more connected than ever and consumer expectations are constantly increasing. Supply chains are no longer local, they have become global, and delivery disruptions have already become the norm. Despite this, you have to serve your customers and grow your business. The question is "How do you do it?" Companies cannot plan for every global crisis or business disruption that may occur, but they can be prepared to respond to crises and ensure that despite the vicissitudes, products reach the hands of their customers. That's why you need a modern solution that can adapt to current market demands and expand as your business grows.

Turn the customer's delivery experience into your competitive advantage

The FarEye platform provides courier companies with the agility, flexibility and scalability needed to meet the business demands of today's environment, to be able to adhere to sustainability measures and to tackle potential challenges with confidence. FarEye technology provides transparency and adaptability to simplify "Last Mile" processes, delivering packages on time every time.

High level of customer satisfaction

Innovative solutions can accelerate the success of your business. Our cloud-based delivery logistics platform accommodates the most sophisticated business models and creates opportunities to increase customer satisfaction with every interaction.

Why FarEye?

  • Prioritize agility and adaptability;
  • Configure, don't code. FarEye's unique BPM engine provides a complete set of tools to easily create and test new and differentiated offers, quickly and cost-effectively, with the speed and efficiency needed to address dynamic consumer buying behaviors;
  • Simplifies the delivery route;
  • It helps you make faster business decisions;
  • It helps you create new delivery models;
  • Grow the network -> grow the business;
  • Sustainable operations;

A good e-commerce delivery experience is a real magic: an order is placed from anywhere and in a short period of time the order arrives at the customer's door. But unfortunately for many courier companies, this is not the case. For various reasons they fail to achieve this feat. The stake is customer satisfaction, and it's high. Thus, if you deliver late you lose opportunities, and in turn retailers will also lose customers and their brand loyalty.

So how do courier companies succeed?

Provides a consistent experience from order to delivery;

Uses Business Process Management (BPM) to create offers that reflect dynamic consumer buying behaviors and speed of delivery;

Continually improve the environmental impact of deliveries;

Through efficient logistics management supported by modern technologies or digital tools.

Increasing demand for online deliveries, shorter delivery cycles, increasing competition, shrinking margins and ensuring better customer service are the major drivers pushing courier companies to streamline their operations. You too can get all these advantages that help you reach performance, through the FarEye solution. For more details, do not hesitate to call our consultants, who are always at your disposal, tel +40 372 317 714.