In June you have 60% off for PM 43, only on

In June you have 60% off for PM 43, only on

Summer comes with excellent news, between 1 and 30th of June, has the best price on the market for Honeywell PM43 printer.

Honeywell PM43 is an industrial printer designed for continuous operation. With a robust design and an intuitive interface, it is intended for the daily printing of medium and large quantities of labels.

Main features of Honeywell PM43:

  • High print speed, up to 300 mm/s
  • Robust design - the printer has a solid construction with a metal housing that is resistant to harsh working environments
  • Intuitive interface
  • Communication language like ZSim2 (ZPL-II), IPL, DP, DSim (DPL) for easier upgrade
  • Connectivity via Ethernet and USB Display touchscreen
  • SmartSystems for remote management

Honeywell PM 43 can be used in the following industries:

  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Warehouse and distribution

Honeywell PM43 printer can print on 114 mm wide label rolls at a resolution of 300 dpi.

The PM43 series is very easy to use thanks to the touch screen and icon interface.

The integrated web platform allows simple and quick configuration, monitoring and customization from mobile devices, including tablets or smartphones.

Beyond the productivity offered by high speed, the PM43 facilitates a smart way of working by reducing labeling errors and increasing efficiency in the production process.

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Article published by Daniela Popa