Quicktron Robotics Strengthens European Presence Through Strategic Collaboration with Total Technologies

Quicktron Robotics Strengthens European Presence Through Strategic Collaboration with Total Technologies

Shanghai— November 27, 2023Quicktron Robotics, a pioneering force in the robotics industry, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Total Technologies®, a distinguished business consultant and digital solutions integrator with over 30 years of expertise in the technology market in Romania. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in providing comprehensive digital collection and processing solutions for a wide array of industries.

Total Technologies®, often hailed as "a company of the future" by industry experts, specializes in seamlessly integrating automatic data collection, Voice Technology, RFID, Autonomous & Collaborative Robots. With a track record of excellence spanning three decades, they have consistently delivered innovative and cutting-edge solutions to businesses across various sectors, including Retail, Courier, Logistics, Transport, Production, Distribution, Warehouse, FMCG, Health, and more.

This partnership brings together Quicktron Robotics' cutting-edge robotic technologies and Total Technologies®' extensive experience in digital integration. By combining forces, the two companies aim to revolutionize industries by offering end-to-end solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall operational excellence, tackling the modern-day supply chain challenges.

Quicktron Robotics is known for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of automation and robotics, and this collaboration with Total Technologies® aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide our clients with unparalleled solutions. Together, we will empower businesses in Romania to embrace automation, optimize processes, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

"We are excited about the possibilities that this partnership with Total Technologies® opens up for Quicktron," said Yang Wei, CEO of Quicktron Robotics. "Their extensive experience and expertise in digital solutions integration perfectly complement our robotics offerings. This collaboration will enable us to provide our clients with comprehensive, future-ready solutions that address the evolving needs of their industries."

Total Technologies® shares in the enthusiasm for this collaboration. "Partnering with Quicktron Robotics allows us to combine our deep understanding of digital solutions with their cutting-edge robotic technologies," said Giani Iancu, CEO of Total Technologies®. "Together, we can deliver solutions that not only meet the current demands of our clients, but also position them for success in the years to come."

This partnership represents a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Quicktron Robotics and Total Technologies® are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will unlock and the positive impact it will have on businesses across Romania and beyond.

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