Operational Intellingence - what is it and how does it helps you to manage your business effectively?

Operational Intellingence - what is it and how does it helps you to manage your business effectively?

Operational Intelligence from Honeywell is an asset management solution that helps you track, manage, and optimize your mobile device usage across all workspaces. It is an intelligent  software that goes beyond simple data collection. Take a step forward and analyse this data, providing answers to the challenges of operational managers. 

Operational Intelligence shows you what is happening in real time, analyses all problems, and most importantly, identifies solutions, so that you can act immediately by providing a competitive advantage. This app can shape a company's future, optimizing its workspace. It has been designed for the needs of the company so that you can achieve absolutely all your goals. 

How does Operational Intellingence helps you?

  • Constantly monitors your devices that are collecting data in the cloud, so that you can have visibility on productivity in real time;
  • With Operational Intelligence you can see which device has a faulty battery and you can notify the operator before this problem affects its activity;
  • When your team is asking you for additional devices, the software can show you where the devices you already have can be used most effectively and where new ones are needed; 
  • Helps you manage the repair and replacement process of all mobile devices by identifying the number and location of your equipment, allowing you to optimize their use to the maximum;
  • You don't waste your time to find any lost equipment, with Operational Intelligence you can find them in just a few minutes; 
  • Reduce operational costs and improve productivity;
  • Thanks to multiple functionalities, the damping of the software is done in a very short time. 

 Operational Intelligence has applicability on many business segments, for example in retail, distribution, health, transport and logistics. The  departments managers of your company who manage the company's assets will especially appreciate the applicability and flexibility of this solution.

In short, Operational Intelligence gives you broad-spectrum visibility into your business and shows you the actions needed to make the best decisions in the shortest time possible. 

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