Temporary workforce enrollment OCR solution

 It is an integrated Hardware&Software solution that allows you to easily manage the enrollement of your daily workers. Our easy-to-use scanning will optimise your business efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Save time and resources: Manually reading and writing the information about daily workers is time consuming. This solution facilitates the enrollement process by scanning the worker’s ID, using OCR to collect the data and export the information in a format demanded by the client.
  • Offline data collection: Our convenient software works anywhere, everything is offline and stored locally, because it runs in the background as a windows service. The scanning starts when the computer is turned on so that you capture your data quickly and accurately.
  • Console mode: The software can be installed not only as a service, but also as a console application where you can use different commands depending on your needs (scanning on command, turning on/off continuous scanning, clear buffer, debugging, etc).
  • Installation kit: The solution comes with its own installation kit included for both modes (console application or windows service).
  • Scanners:The solution is designed for Honeywell Solaris 7980 scanner. The system is tested and has a high scalability, high reliability.

Temporary workforce enrollment OCR solution