Cubetape - 2 in 1 solution, measuring and scanning

Cubetape - 2 in 1 solution, measuring and scanning

 The year 2023 comes with a new partnership for our company. We managed to bring a new innovative product to the Romanian market, Cubetape - a revolutionary mobile dimensioning solution for the T&L sector.

Parceltools, a world leader in the design and development of portable LTL and Masterdata scanning and measuring devices, has launched the latest generation of Cubetape portable devices, which combine barcode measuring and scanning in a single solution.

Cubetape C200 allows users to integrate measurement and scanning into a single process, while also offering mobility. Users scanning barcodes on a package or pallet simply use the scan function with the tape measure in the "home" position. The sizing function is easily activated by using the measuring tape as normal and then pressing the 'scan' button to scan and save the measurement from the tape. All data is exported in real time and transmitted via Bluetooth or WLAN to the central system.

Cubetape C200 comes with three major benefits for users:

1. Carrier Revenue Protection - Carriers must measure items in their warehouse to transmit the correct dimensions to the shipper or 3PL. With its mobile design, the Cubetape C200 complements fixed-position measuring and weighing solutions by measuring items that cannot be measured by fixed-position measuring machines.

2. Warehouse Delivery and Receiving - It is essential to quickly and accurately measure any item entering, moving and leaving a warehouse to avoid bottlenecks that lead to wasted time. The increased accuracy of the C200 ensures we pay shipping charges correctly and thus chargebacks are avoided.

3. Masterdata - Each product code in a warehouse must be entered into a management system. This valuable database needs to be maintained regularly as product sizes change over time.

"The new C200 offers a fast, accurate and practical way to measure items of all shapes and sizes. Increasing accuracy, efficiency and speed is at the heart of everything the logistics industry is about today and that's exactly what Cubetape offers. Some of the world's largest transport and logistics companies such as DHL, DPD, DB Schenker, DSV, Kuehne + Nigel and Hellmann to name a few regularly use the C200.We have been building portable sizing devices for years days with the idea that all stakeholders should have quick and accurate access to data. The C200 provides real-time information and the data can then be used to deliver a fair price to the customer before the driver reaches their destination," said Tony Bauer, the founder of Parceltools

There is a market demand for this kind of product as many T&L companies are looking for better profit margins and switch to volumetric weight measurements. Booming e-commerce and the need for accurate data (for example, in all online stores, sizes are displayed for each SKU) are another decisive factor for this encreasing demand.

Correct measurement is crucial for shipping and courier companies. With the Cubetape solution, disputes with end customers, delays and back-charges are prevented.

Cubetape can be easily integrated with PDAs, mobile computers, smart wearables, tablets and smartphones, and connects seamlessly with all major WMS and shipping applications available on the market.

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Article published by Daniela Popa