Remote communication in retail

Remote communication in retail

Internal communication is essential in any business, but due to the difficult time in the world, retailers have had to adapt and take the necessary measures for the safety of employees and customers.

Technology is evolving faster and retailers need to keep up with this movement, so if communication between headquarters and stores is traditionally done via email, now exist digital solutions that make it easier for them to transmit information.

Retailers that implement customized communication platforms see an increase of up to 10% in employee productivity and a decrease of up to 25% in training time.

Total Technologies® offers you the Smart Talk solution developed by Honeywell, through which to communicate easily and quickly between the headquarters and the employees in the store who have to secure the goods on the shelf.

Smart Talk solution gives you the ability to pre-record a message that can be saved by the manager and listened to at the beginning of each staff shift on the device he owns, without the need to create groups of people.

If an employee has a question, a question or does not know how to do something, it is enough to write the question in the application and all those who started it see the message and can answer it with a remote solution, so the physical interaction is eliminated and time it is shortened and we no longer need to travel.

Smart Talk can be easily added to  any mobile devices (for example CT60, CK65 or CT40 mobile terminal, which is developed on the Mobility Edge platform with 4G connection, which can be configured remotely, easy to handle and use with touch screen, so the transmission data is done quickly, eliminating errors).