Total Technologies® introduces you to the new Honeywell CK65!

Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> introduces you to the new Honeywell CK65!

Total Technologies® partner Platinum Honeywell in Romania presents the new member of the Mobility Edge family, the CK65 equipment. It is specially designed to reduce costs and speed up the working time of operators. This device is provided with a 4-inch diagonal screen, longer battery life, with a capacity of 6600mAh, ergonomic and easy to handle is the ideal solution for storage activities.
The new Honeywell CK65 device due to its development on the Mobility Edge platform supports up to 5 versions of Android, is 1.5m drop resistant, with IP64 being compatible with the CK3 series accessories.
Warehouse activities become fast, with data accuracy due to the simplicity and ease of use of the new Honeywell CK65.