Picking by voice - What is it and how it can help you opmitize your logistics?

Picking by voice - What is it and how it can help you opmitize your logistics?

Honeywell Voice is the new technology that is increasingly revolutionizing more logistics deposits around the world. This system offers a number of interesting advantages, of which are the ease of use and speed in the porking operations in the warehouse.

More and more managers who deal with distribution and the company's supply chain need optimal solutions to the commercial problems that appear daily. Their main concerns tend to focus on reducing costs and improving operations, because these are the main factors that increase production in the warehouse.

If we analyze the traditional order management process, we see that most of the errors that appear are due to distractions during handling or labeling. These mistakes can be very expensive for the business, but fortunately, it has been shown that using the Honeywell Voice solution reduces errors by 80%. This reduction also involves an increase in productivity and comfort of workers by 30%.

Traditional methods of labeling and subsequent scanning require a lot of time. On the contrary, the use of vocal automation reduces deposit management times. It only takes very little training for workers, in addition to the cost of implementing this system itself. Instead, the company gets a cost reduction by 50% in the first year and a more profitable management system. With fewer configuration errors, the yields are also reduced, therefore the company inevitably wins in accuracy and productivity.
In conclusion: Voice or Pick by Voice technology facilitates the process of preparing the order, making it more efficient and with a lower error margin, which is an excellent solution to favor the management of the warehouse. In addition, the investment in this technology is considerably lower than in other alternatives, therefore the profitability of the investment is faster.

How does Pick by Voice work?
Operators must use headphones and terminals specially designed to perform the tasks assigned to them. In the Pick by Voice system, not only auditory commands are received, but it is a completely interactive system. The worker uses the microphone to respond to the requests or give orders, and the voice recognition system is the one that analyzes the answers and establishes whether the work has been done correctly in the warehouse. For example, Pick by Voice from Honeywell, also known as Honeywell Voice, can be combined with many storage technologies and devices and easily connects to the WMS or ERP system.

What prior training is necessary to use Pick by Voice?
In order to implement a voice recognition system in your business, no special and expensive training is required, which is a great advantage for companies or sectors in which there are many temporary workers. Training is not vital to this system because its operation is based on very simple vocal instructions. Thus, the need for well -trained operators will be considerably reduced. Another factor that must be emphasized is that through Pick by Voice, the operators place and receive the orders with the voice, which means they have both hands free to make better handling of the goods.

What are the advantages of Pick by Voice?

Error reduction - the use of voice recognition systems such as Pick by Voice reduces the error rate by 80-90%.

Cost reduction - despite the initial investment - the installation of this system in the company and the training of staff - it has been shown that the use of Pick by Voice considerably reduces the company's costs, as the same work can be done with a lower effort, with a reduced capacity of human resources and with quickly obtaining the profitability of the investment.

Increased productivity - the use of this system is beneficial for operators, because it is very ergonomic and easy to use, requiring very few resources to be able to work with maximum efficiency.

Increased satisfaction of the employees - with their hands and hands free, the operator can work more efficiently. Which causes greater satisfaction and motivation in work, a benefit for both the employee and the company.

Increased customer satisfaction - the deliveries are punctual and correct, the incidents are avoided and the costs derived from returns caused by defective manipulation are reduced.

Total control throughout the whole process - this control implies to be able to analyze the quality of the service, a fundamental fact within the logistics services. Every detail must be considered so that everything comes out perfect. Errors affect the competitiveness and good image of the company.


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