Total Technologies® helps you choose a label printer for your business

Total Technologies® helps you choose a label printer for your business

There are many types of printers on the market, each with different features but with the same purpose. However, this goal tends to confuse people, which is why the vast majority decide to buy high-capacity printers for home use. As you can imagine, a business owner should not invest in label printers. The latter are solutions for the automation of different business processes, from categories such as: retail, courier, logistics, health, transport, production, distribution, public administration or events.

Companies will always need a document printing system to keep a physical record of their business. But, some of these locations tend to need a printer with unique features to perform its function. These are label printers. These printers, as their name suggests, print barcode labels for professional use. The diversity of these labels is great, from logos, business cards, product labels, etc. It should be noted that they have a very special element, namely that they are self-adhesive, thus providing greater comfort in use.

Whether you have an online store or are engaged in the production, sale or distribution of products, all of these must be identified by a barcode. This will allow you to quickly access the product's features as well as its location in the warehouse. This greatly speeds up the logistics of your business. Purchasing a printer that allows you to print labels for your products in the best possible conditions is essential for better business management.

Depending on the use of the printer, the type of labels you need to print, and the conditions under which the label printer is to be placed, the choice will be different. So, when choosing the best label printer for your business, you should consider at least 4 things:

Thermal or direct transfer? If you want the labels to last over time, on paper or synthetic materials, then you should opt for a thermal transfer printer. However, if you know it's a temporary image and you want it to be on a sticker, it's a good idea to use a direct-transfer printer, such as the Honeywell PC42D. These are ideal desktop printers for both medium and low workload. They are easy to install and use, flexible and help increase productivity.

The volume of labels to print. For example, if you plan to print less than 500 labels a day, a desktop printer is better. However, if the number reaches 1,500 labels per day, the best choice would be a light industrial printer, such as the PD45 from Honeywell. If we are talking about volumes that exceed 4,000 labels a day, then you should opt for a high-capacity industrial printer, such as the Honeywell PM45 series.

Label size. Depending on this, a certain type of printer is always recommended. The more it matches the measurements you need, the better results it will give you.

Memory. Although we're not talking about computers, barcode label printers also have flash memory or RAM. If the image you are about to print is very large, the RAM should be proportionate.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when investing in a label printer.