Total Technologies® supports social distancing and healthcare with the "Close to me" and "Vita" solution

Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> supports social distancing and healthcare with the

Total Technologies® offers social distancing solutions, tested and functional, "Close to me" and "Vita", with wide applicability (suitable for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, financial-banking institutions, public / private education units, secondary companies / corporate, retail, industrial production spaces) with reduced implementation time, which improve people's lives in the context of the current pandemic, COVID-19.

The proposed portable devices have been developed to meet the new needs that have arisen with the spread of Coronavirus.


“Close-to-me”, the “social distancing” device

„Close to me” is the device that, worn by two or more people present in the same room, monitors “social distancing” based on a variable distance that can be set according to directives and regulations.

The need to put the device on the market was the direct result of the need for companies to adapt to recent Italian governmental directives, bearing urgent measures for limiting and managing the Covid-19 epidemic emergency.


How does „Close to me” work?


Based on radio frequency technology, „Close to me” creates a non-invasive, low frequency radio bubble around the person. A sound and vibration warns wearers when the set distance is not respected. Moreover, through simple adaptations the device can be used to control accesses, detect presences and pay the company canteen. 

Close-to-me can be personalised and purchased either as a wristband or key-ring: it is non-invasive, designed above all to simplify procedures involved in re-opening businesses and can be implemented easily and rapidly.


“Vita”: the telemedicine wearable device


Instead, the “Vita” wearable device has been designed to constantly monitor vital parameters in patients that can be treated using telemedicine, in all the cases where it is deemed indispensable to identify a possible contagion. 

Technologically, the new frontier of NBloT telecommunications that simplifies communication between objects has been applied in the “Vita” project. Another important characteristic is the improved efficiency of the battery, with a life of more than two weeks. Additionally, what makes it a tool on the front line for health are the sensors that meter heart beat, oxygen saturation – a fundamental parameter for Covid-19 -, skin temperature and electrocardiogram.


Thanks to these characteristics, besides telemedicine for long-term patients, the wearable device can be used also to monitor lone workers. Therefore, in the time of Covid-19, the device is useful in the case of patients discharged from hospital and subject to remote monitoring, but also in all the other cases of remote monitoring.