Pixevia - Safe, fast and effective shopping!

Pixevia - Safe, fast and effective shopping!

Total Technologies is the first company that brings PIXEVIA solution to the Romanian market.

PIXEVIA was born in Lithuania, as a result of constant efforts to develop cutting-edge software solutions. PIXEVIA specialists invented the concept of #SmartStores - autonomous, intelligent stores supported by Al to provide optimized operations to retailers and the best shopping experience for customers.

The smart stores are operated by a combination of ceiling video cameras and shelf sensors that allow customers to enter a store, take what they want from the shelves, and leave whenever they want. There are no cashiers — the store automatically detects items taken from the shelves and creates a virtual shopping cart. PIXEVIA's AI algorithm continuously analyzes the data received from cameras and shelves to ensure the process is swift and accurate. Customers can use the app or a credit card to pay.

Practically, any kind of department store or even gas stations can be automated with PIXEVIA.

The biggest customer advantage is convenience. No more waiting in line to pay for groceries and no need to manually scan all the items. If a customer came to a store operated by PIXEVIA for a single item, he can enter and exit the store in less than 30 seconds.

In addition to satisfied customers and increased sales, the adoption of the PIXEVIA solution brings the following benefits to retailers:

  • Less staff needed in a store;
  • 24/7 operation;
  • Out-of-stock alerts;
  • Accurate and real-time stock information;
  • Ability to analyze customer purchasing behavior;
  • Protection against theft;
  • Increased media/press appeal due to innovation brought to the retail sector.

PIXEVIA also offers an automatic disinfection system. This security system installed inside the store automatically disinfects the premises when there are no people inside.

Small smart stores close to home are a great alternative to large, crowded supermarkets in faraway locations. In addition, they match better the habits of the modern consumer.

Article published by Daniela Popa