AROS - ASBIS Robotic Solutions (AROS)

AROS - ASBIS Robotic Solutions (AROS)

ASBIS has launched a new robotics division – ASBIS Robotic Solutions (AROS). The core activity of this division is based on two main segments:

- distribution of collaborative robots (cobots) from leading global brands in the robotics sector

- own robotic platforms under own brand

The AROS division specializes in the development and implementation of solutions based on cobots, robots and autonomous mobile robotic platforms. Its main goal is to provide innovative solutions to solve the problems of today's economy and to address various aspects of the needs of companies in different fields, such as manufacturing, cleaning, services, security and logistics.

Serhei Kostevitch, CEO of ASBIS Group, said: we at ASBIS always aim to provide the most modern solutions to address effectively, multiple needs of enterprises from different vertical markets. Companies of medium or large size have needs to automate not only their production lines but other aspects of daily life: from cleaning, to security of their sites, from warehouse automations to transportation. Therefore, I am pleased to announce our new baby – complex ASBIS Robotic Solutions with focus on the multipurpose robotization. We are entering a very promising sector, which is no longer a niche market and will be worth several hundred billion dollars in few years. It is a very fascinating topic that fits in with our innovative DNA. Very soon we will be able to share our own cobots. Their development is already at a very advanced stage.

A very important component of the AROS division, which Total Technologies would like to bring to your attention, is the range of cleaning robots.

AROS offers a variety of robots specialized in cleaning service. Regardless of the size and complexity of the cleaning environment, AROS can provide efficient and reliable solutions. Find here the robotic platform that best suits your needs:

  • Autonomous cleaning solution for a medical center
  • Autonomous cleaning solution for facility services companies
  • Autonomous cleaning solution for shopping malls
  • Robotic cleaning solution to take care of hotel floor maintenance
  • Robotic floor maintenance solution for supermarkets
  • Autonomous cleaning solution for commercial spaces
  • Autonomous cleaning solution for airport floor maintenance
  • Autonomous mixed floor cleaning solution for the Hotel industry
  • Autonomous floor cleaning for the manufacturing industry
  • Autonomous Warehouse Cleaning Solution
  • Cleaning solution for small and middle size offices with mixed flooring
  • Versatile cleaning solution for offices
  • Autonomous cleaning solution for retail stores
  • Autonomous Car Parking Cleaning Solution

According to a report of ISSA, the leading trade association for the global cleaning industry, traditional cleaning methods can account for up to 40% of a company's total operating costs, meaning they are extremely expensive, time-consuming and per totally ineffective. That’s why, implementing robotic cleaning technology can bring multiple benefits to your company. Cleaning robots can provide increased efficiency by automating the cleaning process, thereby reducing labor costs and resource consumption. They can work autonomously, being able to work continuously and complete cleaning tasks in a relatively short time. The cleaning robots are also equipped with advanced technologies such as sensors and navigation algorithms that allow them to identify and avoid obstacles, adapt to different environments and ensure consistent and quality cleaning.

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Article published by Daniela Popa