RFID is the future

RFID is the future

Although RFID technology is not exactly new, there are still not many companies that have implemented it, the main reason being the high cost. RFID tags have become substantially cheaper in recent years, making RFID technology a worthy solution for successful automation.

We live in a dynamic business environment where new business models are emerging daily, therefore supply chains are forced to make changes to adapt to new requirements and the bar for customer expectations is higher than ever.

With over 30 years of expertise in mobile data collection and automatic identification solutions, our experts believe that in today's conditions, RFID technology can be a powerful ally for companies.

Two of the key advantages of RFID technology are speed and accuracy. But it doesn't stop there, RFID improves the visibility of a product right from production to the supply chain and when the product leaves the warehouse. It is obviously effective and affordable.

RFID technology can be used at every stage of the supply chain:


Tracking begins at the production level, where the coding of the item with RFID tags begins. His data is entered into the system. During the quality checks of the items, they are scanned again and finally the last scan takes place when the items are moved to the warehouse.


Manufacturer item RFID tags are automatically scanned at the receiving dock. Instant reconciliation is done with inventory order lists.


RFID tags allow real-time tracking of items during the shipping process. A final confirmation is made once the goods have reached their destination. Customers are provided with real-time data on the availability of products in the store.

Benefits of RFID in Supply Chain Management:

Time economy

Labor intensive work in business has been eliminated by the automatic system of RFID technology. Examples include recording products received and shipped.

Improved asset tracking

RFID technology has enabled companies to track goods ranging from office machines, portable items and manufacturing materials to forklifts. The loss of these vital elements has been greatly reduced in business.

Production control

Efficiency is improved and waste is reduced by identifying individual components or items in a seamless system for custom warehousing and manufacturing.

Increased accuracy

Manually recorded data has a high chance of human error. In RFID technology, errors have been reduced, if not eliminated, in transcription and duplication during data collection.

Simplified processes

Automated picking systems and voice solutions reduce the time required to process and deliver products to consumers or stores.

Efficient inventory management

RFID systems provide the reliability of tracking products in stock. Real-time data on stock levels is obtained through the integration of RFID and warehouse management systems.

Revenue growth

Improved inventory management has increased efficiency and created a safe work environment. The cost of goods has been reduced, customer service has been improved and it has generated better profit margins for a business.


RFID has come in handy due to increased demands for visibility and transparency from customers. Now they can track the shipment of their products from warehouses to the store.

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RFID implementation can be flexible as the supply chain can implement the RFID solution at any point in their process. The key advantage of this concept is that when you distribute RFID-tagged items to different locations, these items do not need to be tagged again and again. Instead, a precise interpretation of the data is possible along the way.

Industries that can benefit greatly from an RFID solution:

- Retail

RFID helps retailers tremendously because they know exactly what they have and where. If the item is not in store A, it might be in store B, and if the infrastructure is good enough, they may offer immediate pickup from a nearby store or other similar services. All these services are facilitated by flawless data that can come from RFID.

Retailers who tag their products with RFID can achieve up to 99% inventory accuracy without manual inventory counting. Upgrading inventory management is not only essential for companies, who can improve the quality of their services and thus dramatically increase revenues and improve, but also for customers who experience a substantially improved degree of satisfaction.

- Supply chain

Another area where RFID technology has proven its effectiveness, bringing extraordinary results, is supply chain management. With the help of this technology, information gaps are completely eliminated. In addition, combining an RFID system with the automation system will also be beneficial in reducing theft, damage prevention, and loss. Therefore, the end result will be massive cost efficiency.

- Logistics

RFID applications and uses in the warehouse - when identifying, tracking and managing the product without errors in each logistics phase, RFID tags facilitate this activity, as warehouses demand more and more efficiency and agility. This system gives the warehouse endless possibilities. In addition to the control of goods, other processes can be controlled, such as the entry of trucks, handling equipment, etc.

- Production

In the field of production, a common search for efficiency finds a strong ally in RFID. Designed for precision, it facilitates the tracking of products throughout their life cycles, enables data-driven logistics analysis and optimizes production flows.

- Asset tracking

Tracking various assets in large companies, such as hospitals or offices of large corporations, is a difficult task. RFID technology can be used to track immovable assets such as wheelchairs, beds and storage racks, as well as moving assets such as laptops, mobile phones or vehicles. Similarly, tracking the exact location of assets that are in continuous motion in warehouses (such as forklifts and pallet trucks) is a more than difficult task. Using RFID technology, the exact location of tools and equipment can be tracked, which increases the return on investment.

We can say with certainty that RFID technology can be a cornerstone of the growth strategy, aligning perfectly with the goals of any company that wants to remain relevant in 2024. From reducing production costs to strengthening customer relationships and increasing efficiency operations, an RFID solution is indeed the key to success.

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Article published by Daniela Popa