Total Technologies participated at the sixth edition of "Retail Tech" conference

Total Technologies participated at the sixth edition of

On 24-th of May 2023, Total Technologies joined the Romanian retail community by participating in the "Retail Tech" conference, an event organized by Govnet Romania, now in its sixth edition.

The conference took place at the Grand Hotel Bucharest, in Bucharest, and brought together representatives from retail industry, who debated how technology can become a powerful tool in the hands of retailers to gain a significant competitive advantage and how by using technology strategically, businesses can thrive in today's digital reality.

Among those who spoke at the conference was Catalin Ivana-Solutions Manager at Total Technologies, who made a short foray into the advantages brought by technology within a retail company, after which he brought PIXEVIA solution to the public .

Total Technologies is the first company that brings PIXEVIA solution to the Romanian market.

PIXEVIA is a solution that has been worked on a lot, which appeared as a result of constant efforts to develop state-of-art software solutions. PIXEVIA specialists invented the concept of #SmartStores - autonomous, intelligent stores powered with Al, to provide optimized operations for retailers and the best shopping experience for customers.

The stores are operated by a combination of ceiling video cameras and shelf sensors that allow customers to enter a store, grab what they want from the shelves and leave whenever they want. There are no cashiers — the store automatically detects items taken from the shelves and creates a virtual shopping cart. PIXEVIA's AI algorithm continuously analyzes data received from cameras and racks to ensure the process is swift and accurate. Customers can use the app or a credit card to pay.

Practically, any kind of department store or even gas stations can be automated with PIXEVIA.

Small smart stores close to home are a great alternative to large, crowded supermarkets in faraway locations. In addition, they match better the habits of the modern consumer.

Total Technologies thus capitalizes on its chance to promote the newest solutions and trends available in the retail field, offering the Romanian market the necessary tools to optimize operations. By participating in the sixth edition of the "Retail Tech" conference, the company's representatives had the opportunity to interact directly with important players in the retail area and to identify with them concrete solutions for obtaining remarkable results with beneficial effects long-term.

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Article published by Daniela Popa