Collaborative robots - Universal Robots

Collaborative robots - Universal Robots

Universal Robots cobots can be used in many production lines and logistics, helping to streamline all types of repetitive processes, including: packaging, palletizing, gluing, assembly and others. Consequently, thanks to the robotization of processes, companies manage to reduce costs, streamline tasks, increase productivity and improve service quality and customer experience. The number of work accidents is also dramatically reduced.

UR3e collaborative robot

The Universal Robots UR3e is an ultra-lightweight, compact collaborative industrial robot, ideal for table-top applications. Its small footprint makes it ideal to be built directly inside machinery or in other tight workspaces. This cobot weighs only 24.3 lbs (11 kg), but has a payload of 6.6 lbs (3 kg). Its ±360-degree rotation on all wrist joints, and infinite rotation on the end joint, makes it well-suited for light assembly and screwdriving applications.

UR5e collaborative robot

The Universal Robots UR5e is a lightweight industrial collaborative robot built for medium-duty applications (up to 5 kg). This general purpose robot was built with versatility and adaptability in mind. The UR5e is designed for seamless integration into a wide range of applications.

UR10e collaborative robot

The Universal Robots UR10e is an extremely versatile collaborative industrial robot arm with its high payload (12.5kg) and long reach capability. Its 1300mm reach spans wide workspaces without compromising precision or payload performance. UR10e addresses a wide range of applications in machine tending, palletizing, and packaging.

UR16e collaborative robot

The Universal Robots UR16e delivers an impressive 16kg (35.3 lbs.) of payload within a small footprint, and is ideal for use in heavy machine tending, material handling, packaging, and screw and nut driving applications. This powerhouse robot allows for heavier end of arm tooling and multi-part handling, and is especially useful for achieving shorter cycle times.

UR20 collaborative robot

The UR20 is re-imagined, redesigned, and rebuilt from the ground up. Every detail, from the software to the end caps, has been strategically architected to deliver next-generation performance and quality so that you can increase throughput, uptime, and get more product out to market faster than ever before.

UR3e collaborative robot presentation
UR20 collaborative robot presentation
Industries where Universal Robots collaborative robots fit perfectly

Universal Robots collaborative robots can be adapted and used in any industry, but are perfect for the following industries:

  • Defense and Aerospace Industry
  • The automotive industry and its suppliers
  • Electronics and Technology
  • Food industry and agriculture
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Plastics and polymers
  • Science and research
  • Production and processing of metals
  • Finishing and polishing
  • Pharmaceuticals and chemistry