Electronic Shelf Labels

Solution for digital, smart and ultra-efficient stores

Due to strong competition and the need to synchronize with e-commerce, real-time price changes are a strategic advantage and require the highest possible response speed and reliability.

The process of pricing is above all very time-consuming. While employees need several days to change all the prices in a hypermarket, this process takes only a few minutes with Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL).

Store Efficiency

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs of energy, material, capital snd labor

Price Automation

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Omnichannel synchronization
  • Fast competition reaction time

Shelf Efficiency

  • Click & collect optimization
  • Automatic stock out detection
  • Precise product geolocation
  • Reduce inventory take-off times

Customer engagement

  • Connect with shoppers
  • Advertise at the shelf
  • Easy search + find
  • Shopper identification
  • In-store digital services

The digitalization of physical retail

  • retailers are able to save time and reallocate their staff to higher value-added tasks
  • digital price tags provide price agility, allowing for trading benefits
  • ESLs have the highest ROI in retail

Electronic Shelf Labels