9 advantages that automation can bring to your business

9 advantages that automation can bring to your business

What is automation?

          Automation is the process of adapting a business to the digital age and generally involves the integration of machines and/or computers into an autonomous system. Automation has revolutionized all the fields it has been introduced into and currently there is hardly an aspect of modern life that it has not penetrated.

On the background of an increasingly competitive market, companies are trying to implement technological innovations to stay relevant, to increase their productivity and efficiency, and to increase profit margins. Automation has taken the business environment by storm due to its ability to cause substantial transformations in the way businesses operate by improving internal workflows.

Automation is vital for companies that want to grow, especially in this time when being competitive means adapting to change quickly.

Here are some of the advantages that automation can bring to your business:

1. Increased productivity

 Every business owner wants to save resources, especially the most important ones, time and money. Manual work processes are inherently slower than automated activities and processes because they are performed one at a time. Manual processing delays, inefficient workflows and last but not least, human errors, can no longer be ignored as they cost businesses thousands of euros per year. When the work process is manual there is a much greater chance of resources being wasted. Many companies have realized the importance of automation by feeling on their own skin how, through automation, they have achieved a much more efficient and cost-effective use of basic resources.


2. Less human errors

When operations are automated, the likelihood of human error decreases considerably. When it comes to performing tasks, humans are far more prone to error than machines. Machines/computers can perform tasks precisely, repeatedly, without the need for breaks. They can work in environments considered dangerous to people, for example in extreme temperatures and perform tasks with high risk to people. Precisely for this reason, it is advisable to assign physically difficult tasks to machines, while we humans can focus our attention on more productive activities. Companies that have embraced automation have been able to make their employees more productive and efficient.


3. Improved security

If your company still uses physical paper for record keeping, you may not realize the security risk this poses to your business. Paper documents are much more vulnerable to being stolen or corrupted, as well as being destroyed in a flood, fire or other unforeseen events. Automating processes enables additional security measures that protect your most confidential information. Now you can store digital content and protect your data using multiple layers of security.


4. Significant cost savings

Every company's primary goal is to reduce overhead costs, and fortunately, there are a number of financial gains to be enjoyed once you switch to automation. When business processes are controlled manually, there is a much greater chance that resources will be wasted. But with the efficiency of automating work processes, costs are considerably reduced (which also has a positive impact on profit margins). In other words, automation uses core resources in the most optimal and cost-effective way.


5.Better decision making

Managers are constantly faced with the challenge of decision-making, but the decision-making process can also be improved. Information management and automation go hand in hand; as information is analyzed, it turns into knowledge, and knowledge leads to better decisions.


6.Better collaboration between employees

Today, the most productive businesses are those that have embarked on the path to automation, thereby simplifying their daily tasks and promoting better collaboration between departments. Another great benefit of business process automation is that you can update your entire team on relevant issues, making collaboration between employees much easier and more organized. Moreover, automation alleviates common frustrations and frees up time for interpersonal interactions and idea generation.


7.Staff with high morale

High team morale is an often overlooked benefit of automation, although its influence can be quite large. Automation takes the physical wear and tear out of the workday and provides a pleasant, but above all, "frictionless" work environment where team members feel more effective in their roles. Similarly, through automation approvals happen faster, so staff are never left waiting when they have a request.


8. Business transparency

 An automation software can be the most indicated option to have an increased visibility in the work processes of your business, through customizable dashboards. For example, you can easily track a series of performance indicators (KPIs) for current or ongoing processes, giving you a better sense of how your business is performing, and you can also see which departments still need improvement. When your entire team has access to this level of transparency, the positive effect will not be long in coming; employees can stay informed about their individual (or collective) tasks and have more responsibility for their personal progress.


9. Increased agility

Now more than ever, businesses must stay abreast of the fast-paced digital environment. They must be able to respond quickly to any market change, crisis situation or new opportunity. Businesses should be agile enough to change directions quickly and to do this, new techniques should be adopted in all departments and when business processes are automated, modification and adaptation to changes can be done at a pace relatively quickly.

Automation can be one of the most difficult tasks for any company. It takes a lot of time and resources. However, it can also be one of the most rewarding processes for any company, as it brings opportunities for innovation and growth.

If you want to automate your business now is the time, companies are embracing automation in greater numbers than ever. However, the road to modernization and automation must be planned very carefully and the use of new technologies must be carefully considered.

“Understanding what automation means for your company – whether you are a manufacturing, courier, transport, agricultural, pharmaceutical or warehouse facility – is vital! Whether we're talking about data analysis, workflow automation, or asset management software - all of these can take your business to the next level. It is a culture of progress. The main beneficiary of automation is the customer, with whom everything begins and ends." said Mihaela Iancu, Total Technologies Development Manager.

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