Evidei - Advanced asset management solution

Evidei - Advanced asset management solution

Regardless of the industry you operate in or the size of your business, inventorying your fixed assets is vital.

EVIDEI is an application that ensures an efficient asset management and inventory counting process. It can speed up the inventory process by up to 2-3 times, with significant elimination of human errors.

EVIDEI is suitable for both small and medium and large companies. It can work as an extension of your IT system or run as a stand-alone solution.

The solution consists of the desktop application and the mobile application, both intuitive and easy to use.

Whether used on a mobile device or desktop, users can load existing inventory logs into the app to scan items with barcodes attached and identify any fixed asset numbers - various types of fixed assets can be inventoried, from office chairs, to laptops, tools and many more.

Once assets are uploaded to the app, companies can see a complete history of their inventory number, status, location and classification – which will be updated every time items are scanned or changed in the system.

The mobile inventory app is licensed per mobile device and as a stream, after the inventory is taken, the codes read with the mobile device can be exported to your system as this information is needed there as well.

The benefits of using Evidei solution in your company:

  • Elimination of human errors
  • Amortization of the investment in a very short time
  • Simplified management and inventory
  • User-friendly interface