Migrating from Windows to Android with Mobility Edge by Honeywell!

Migrating from Windows to Android with Mobility Edge by Honeywell!

In business, changes are part of business development, finding new opportunities, building new strategies, accumulating new knowledge. Microsoft has decided that from January 14, 2020, it will no longer support Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, the operating system of mobile terminals, which are used in various fields such as logistics, warehousing, production, inventory and others. Thus, the migration of the fleet of mobile terminals with Windows OS to Android will be inevitable. Although it seems like a real challenge, the transition can be done under very safe conditions, quickly and without jeopardizing business operations.

Honeywell, in partnership with Google and Qualcomm, has developed the Mobility Edge Platform, on which the new generation of mobile terminals has been designed. Through this platform, the functionality of the devices and support, regardless of the operating system updates, up to Android R. upgrade being reduced.

Honeywell, together with the largest Platinum Partner in Romania, Total Technologies®, offers all the necessary support for migrating to the Android operating system, regardless of the area of activity in which the business is conducted. With a team of engineers with extensive experience in the field of Auto ID, Total Technologies® has successfully implemented projects to optimize and automate the processes of production, storage, inventory, track and trace, picking, sales force automation throughout the country, through barcode and RFID technology.

The experience and know-how accumulated over time by the Total Techonologies team and the support of its partner Honeywell, underpin the security and professionalism of migrating to Android.