Choose to grow your business through efficient methods! Barcode scanning is the road to productivity

Choose to grow your business through efficient methods! Barcode scanning is the road to productivity

From the first barcode reader, derived from a movie sound system, to today's laptops, barcode readers have evolved significantly over time. The first barcodes were developed to manage stocks in the food industry.

The diversity of areas in which barcodes are used has grown significantly in recent years. As a result, the range of barcode equipment available has also seen a spectacular development along with the range of barcode-based IT solutions. Total Technologies provides you with the experience gained in this field to identify and solve in an optimal way the requirements imposed by your projects, and to present you the variety of solutions in the portfolio, specific to the sector in which you operate.

Each company can identify different uses of barcode technology depending on the field of activity, and because each is unique, consulting experts should be the first step in discussing possible improvements.

The benefits of barcodes are numerous, but several main categories can be listed:

  • Productivity
  • Data accuracy
  • Traceability
  • Short time to carry out the activity

The use of barcode technology in production, warehousing, distribution or retail units is essential.

An extremely important aspect in the implementation of barcodes is the correct choice of equipment and the company that supports you in carrying out the project and not only, because support after implementation is essential, and for this Total Technologies specialists consider a "must" both pre-sale and post-sale support.

For example, in a warehouse, the implementation of barcodes is fundamental, being a stage of its automation, and the possibility of errors being significantly reduced. Barcodes can be used to encode different types of information consisting of numbers or letters, such as: country of origin, product name, batch number, manufacturer's name or expiry date.

The advantages of using barcodes are multiple, exemplifying here the fact that the visibility of the data flow is in real time, the accuracy of the data increases and another important aspect, the low operating time.

Barcodes can be scanned with the help of bar code scanners / readers, and the virtual store is a niche platform, online business shopping (with assistance included / chat) where you can find the best Honeywell, Zebra brand equipment.