Total Technologies® contributes to the automation of the "self-order" ordering process within McDonald's Romania

Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> contributes to the automation of the

Automating the process of taking orders

Easy access to information on mobile phones leads to fast communication of commercial promotions.

The fluidization of internal operational flows is an essential objective of any business, and the digitalization of communication in relation to customers is accelerated by the current socio-economic situation.

Apparently concerns without immediate solutions

McDonald’s wanted to simplify and automate the process of picking up codes for special offers from the McDonald’s mobile app at cash registers or the “Drive Thru” line.

As speed is key to McDonald’s business, there was a need for real-time information on the status of order preparation on restaurant self-order terminals.

Total Technologies® implements the right solution

McDonald’s Romania partner in the field of consulting and information technology, Total Technologies® already provides scanners related to cash registers, respectively Honeywell XENON 1902g, for the implementation of the self-ordering system, made with cash payment.

After analyzing the sequence of activities, the optimal solutions were proposed to maximize the process, using equipment perfectly adapted to the needs.

  • The customer orders his McDonald’s products on the “Drive Thru” line or at the cash registers, selecting from the existing offers in the McDonald’s mobile application.
  • The selected offer is scanned with Honeywell VUQUEST 3320g, and then the order is processed at the cash register. Scanning is quick and easy.
The internal receipts on which the barcodes for the orders are printed are scanned with the Honeywell SOLARIS 7820g. The status of the order is displayed in real time. Products can be picked up from the collection point.

Objectives achieved

  • The process of scanning special offers runs smoothly, the cashier-customer interaction being much easier and safer.
  • Data accuracy is 100% because barcodes are scanned
  • Order processing times have decreased, as bids are entered automatically
  • Customers have real-time information on the status of the order


‘’Specialized consulting, dedicated equipment &solution for fulfilling the functions and excellent support in the design and implementation phase. We appreciated the level of Total Technologies®' partnership with Honeywell, in Romania - Platinum Partner & Authorized Service. ‘’

Liviu Osman

IT Director



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