Roboti Quicktron

75% More Storage, 4X Faster Order Fulfillment

QuickBin™ is our patented bin-to-person picking solution that revolutionizes warehouse operations by leveraging automation through robotics and intelligent software. It enhances efficiency, reduces labor costs, and accelerates deliveries in distribution centers, fulfillment warehouses, and e-commerce hubs.

QuickBin™ solution utilizes robots to automate tasks such as aisle navigation, storage optimization, and transfer of goods to workstations/operators. It eliminates the need for workers to navigate aisles allowing them to focus on more important tasks. With advanced tracking and identification technologies, real-time inventory updates, and seamless integration with warehouse management systems, QuickBin™ provides enhanced visibility and control.

QuickBin™ utilizes two types of robots for optimized storage and smooth transfer of goods between the storage area and workstations. Picking Robots (C56) can reach up to 8.3 m (27.2 ft) and navigate the aisles dynamically storing, retrieving, and picking goods within the storage area, while Mini Moving robots (M5) ensure the smooth transfer of goods to and from the picking workstations.

Flexible Two Robotic Operations

Both robots are versatile, adaptable to various tasks, and can quickly adjust to changing demand patterns. The division of tasks among these robots enhances operational efficiency.

Storage Optimization

By analyzing order patterns, our system intelligently categorizes goods into A (high demand), B (average demand), and C (low demand) categories. This data-driven approach enables us to strategically position goods, maximizing storage efficiency.

Adaptable to varying throughput needs

The picking station can be configured with either one or two simultaneously working picking points, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the picking process.

Key Components




Intelligent Software System

Maximize Storage Efficiency

Picking Robots for Optimized Storage and Retrieval!

By utilizing Picking Robots (C56), QuickBin™ leverages the key benefits of ASRS, enabling dense storage and optimized inventory management. The intelligent double mast design of C56 ensures efficient use of vertical space, while its impressive height of 27.2 feet (8.3m) combined with double deep design unlocks unprecedented control over stock levels, all while achieving a remarkable 99.99% accuracy.

  • High Density Storage: Double-deep + 27.2 ft height
  • Picking Arm Modules: Telescopic or Vacuum Suction

Seamless Goods-to-Person Handling

Next-Gen Mini Moving Robots: Speed in Motion

In QuickBin settings, these autonomous bots seamlessly transport goods between storage areas and workstations, saving valuable time and eliminating the need for workers to navigate the warehouse. Robots follow one another in 1-2 second intervals and make a queue in front of workstations, resulting in a dramatic reduction in travel time, minimizing inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

  • Speed 2m/s
  • Compact design

Software Platform

Taking Your Warehouse Performance to New Heights

Quicktron’s intelligent software platform encompasses WES and RCS which work in tandem to streamline warehouse operations. The combined power of these systems with different combinations enables businesses to meet the evolving demands of modern warehousing with efficiency and agility. Our AI algorithms ensure seamless robotic movement by optimal path planning and make a collision-free environment to maximize traffic efficiency. By analyzing order history, the system optimizes shelf and bin placement for future demand, refines order parameters, and groups related goods in outgoing orders, resulting in elevated shelf hit rates and improved overall warehouse performance.