From traditional to online commerce through click & collect

From traditional to online commerce through click & collect

Retailers are familiar with the concept of click & collect, but amid the current global health crisis, they have been forced to close their stores altogether, moving their business to the online environment, for the safety of buyers and employees.

In this context, consumer behavior has changed, it has adapted to the new life, which has led to accelerated growth of online commerce, and traders are in a situation where they employ a certain amount of time to cope with the workforce. requests.

Retail chains that sell food have high demands both online and in the physical store, making great efforts to supply the shelf continuously with food. The retailers of household appliances and house cleaning and sanitation also have a significant increase.

Total Technologies® offers you fast and efficient solutions to solve these rapid growths with the following equipment: CT40 Mobile Terminal, 1952g Xenon XP Scanner, RP4e Mobile Printer, and Honeywell Voice SRX SL Solution. This equipment is easy to use and integrated with its own software systems, so the CT40 Mobile Terminal helps you to transmit information from stores quickly and securely, and if you add the Voice SRX XL headset, then the worker will have his hands free to work easier.

The ideal solution for order delivery is the CT40 mobile terminal together with the RP4e mobile printer, so the supplier will be able to immediately issue the receipt for the buyer without wasting time, becoming much more efficient.

Both the Xenon XP 1952g wireless reader with high resistance to difficult working environments and the Honeywell Voice solution that offers the freedom to use both hands, with a data transmission accuracy of 99.98%, can be used in the warehouse.