Optimize Your Workflow Performance

Optimize Your Workflow Performance

Optimizes workflow performance through voice solutions

Deposits equipped with voice solutions are already a reality of today's market, in which companies need increasing speed and increased accuracy of operations. Presentation of Vocollect solutions, Voice by Honeywell, was the main purpose of the "Optimize Your Workflow Performance" event organized by Total Technologies® at the end of June at the Crowne Plaza Bucharest Hotel. The event was attended by partners from the meat, transport and courier industry, retail, pharma, industries with complex processes and extensive warehouse activities. These companies are now facing the challenge of increasing productivity just to cope with increased competitiveness.

Vocollect Pick By Voice translates tasks into voice commands that direct the worker to an area in a particular sector, and he confirms the location by pronouncing an identification number in the voice recognition system. When necessary, the voice recognition of the serial number registered on the product can be activated in the process. The tasks of selection, supply, storage are generated by the central system (WMS or ERP) and transmitted wirelessly to the mobile terminals provided by the workers.

From the latest version of the voice solution - Vocollect, to traceability in production, RFID or field service solutions, meter reading solutions, WMS (warehouse management systems) warehouse management, Total Technologies® representatives presented practically, both the functionalities of the solutions and the case studies, which have shown that any system can become simple after a successful implementation.

During the event "Optimize Your Workflow Performance" was allocated time for the practical demonstration of the functionality of the solutions, precisely to understand the simplicity of use in the warehouse. Thus, the participants had free discussions and the connection to the issues discussed by the market. As a benefit, the Total Technologies® team offered all participants the possibility of a free "Distribution Center Walkthrough", after which an analysis and evaluation of the flows from the warehouse and the proposal of process optimization will be made.

Due to the success of this edition of the event, we are announcing from now on a new edition that will take place in the second quarter of 2019.