Total Technologies, FAN Courier & Honeywell Case Studies

Total Technologies, FAN Courier & Honeywell Case Studies

"With the right partners, you get optimal results and peace of mind!"
This is the conclusion reached by FAN Courier, the leader of courier services in Romania, following the case study conducted together with Honeywell and Total Technologies, in August of this year.

The recognition of the top partnership for digital and operational solutions honors us, Total Technologies and FAN Courier having together a 14-year history of collaboration in the analysis and implementation of Honeywell solutions in the company, software development, support, and local service.

Honeywell equipment offered by Total Technologies translates into flexibility, market-friendly solutions, speed, multifunctionality, and reliability.

In other words, the Honeywell solutions offered by Total Technologies ensure your comfort and confidence that you have purchased the technology that makes the difference for your business.