Clean and Safe!

Clean and Safe!

Total Technologies® offers you Honeywell solutions, the equipment with complete disinfection instructions and thus you protect your customers effectively!

ÎIn the current context, thorough hand hygiene is especially important for your health, as well as that of customers and/or employees. However, this is not enough, especially due to the fact that they work in shifts. Thus, the equipment is used by several people a day, they are exposed to germs and viruses, requiring concern for very thorough cleaning.

For safe and friendly disinfection of equipment, the following is recommended:

  • •Sani-Cloth HB/ Sani-Cloth Plus
  • •Sani-Cloth bleach, Super Sani fabric
  • •Isopropyl alcohol wipes
  • •CaviWipes, Virex 256
  • •409 glass and surface cleaner
  • •Windex Blue, Clorox bleach – 10%
  • •Gentle detergents and water

Honeywell ScanPal EDA51 - HC/ Honeywell Dolphin CT40 - HC

  • •5’’ full-touch mobile terminal with an Android operating system
  • •Disinfectant-resistant housing, IP64-certified
  • • Integrated scanner for 1 D and 2D barcodes


Dolphin CT40, unlike ScanPalEDA51, is part of the Mobility Edge family - support and updating until 2028.


Take care of your health!

The Total Technologies® team! smiley