Warehouse management

The objective of the WMS warehouse management system by Total Technologies® is to streamline warehouse operations by developing sets of computerized procedures dealing with the reception of new stock and the returned goods in a warehouse area.

Fixed assets inventory - Evidei

The solution offered by Total Technologies® is a quick and easy to use tool that ensures the efficient process of inventory and management of fixed assets, inventory objects and materials from one or more locations.

Traceability in production

The traceability solution by Total Technologies® allows the verification of the history, the location and the use of an element through documented means of identification.

Push to Talk

The Push to Talk solution provided in partnership with Mobile Tornado allows mobile workers instant communication with headquarters or with other team members, improving its management and efficiency.

Traceability in operations - Track & Trace

The software application designed by Total Technologies® facilitates the operations resulting from this type of consolidation and allows customers to track the status of the shipment through a web interface.

Salesforce automation

The Total Technologies® Solution for Sales Force Automation allows optimization of the entire sales process in the field.

RFID is the future
Although RFID technology is not exactly new, there are still not many companies that have implemented it, the main reason being the high cost. RFID tags have become substantially cheaper in recent years, making RFID technology a worthy solution for successful automation. We live in a dynamic ...
Future-oriented: Total Technologies and EP Equipment together, grow smart businesses
Total Technologies innovates through AI technologies and proposed and implemented robotic solutions, in February 2024 becoming EP Equipment's authorized integrator partner for the AGV XP 15 solution in Romania and beyond. Just one year after its launch, the XP15 cobot pallet truck is a simple ...
Human-robot collaboration, the winning synergy in 2024
For 2024 Total Technologies aims to develop a new division for robotic solutions. This year we anticipate seeing a big step forward in human-robot collaboration. The use of robotic solutions creates a new era of efficiency and innovation for companies. Integrating robots into manufacturing or ...

Total Technologies® with over 30 years of experience in IT market, called by many experts ''a company of the future'', specialized in integrating automatic data collection, Vocollect, RFID and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), which need complete digital collection and processing solutions.

Our solutions and applications are integrated into the industry such: Retail, Courier, Logistics, Transport, Production, Distribution, Warehouse, FMCG, Health, Public administration.