Solution for telemedicine - Vita

With the help of the portable device "Vita", we can constantly monitor vital parameters in patients for whom the direct medical intervention is not necessary, thus facilitating remote treatment.

With the help of the Vita device, it is possible to perform the tel diagnostics of the vital parameters, combined with the certified location.

What makes it a front-line health tool are sensors that measure:

• heartbeats

• oxygen saturation

• skin temperature

• electrocardiogram

• indoor positioning

In the current context, Covid-19, the device is useful in patients discharged from the hospital and subjected to remote monitoring, but also in all other cases of remote monitoring.

The portable device can be integrated with applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram for sending instant reports and, through the cloud interface, with any software to manage the patient's identity and associate diagnostic data collected under privacy regulations.

Solution for telemedicine - Vita