What is a courier?
Today millions of parcels are delivered every day all over the world. But how did it get to this point? Throughout history, courier services have evolved enormously. Let's start with what a courier service actually is.  A courier is a ... Show details
What does logistics means?
Today we hear the word logistics more and more often. This term was initially used in the military field (relating to the movement and supply of armies), later being extended to economic activity and other fields. Gradually, more and more companies ... Show details
Did you know that the term robot first appeared in a work of science fiction and was later conceived in reality? The term robot (from Czech robot) was used by Josef Čapek and Karel Čapek in their science fiction works in the early 20th century. ... Show details
Barcodes Scanners
         The idea of ​​using a barcode to scan items is not new. Now are used lasers, but in 1949 when barcodes were invented, the inventorof barcodes, Norman Joseph Woodland, also developed a highly complex ... Show details
Bar Code
Barcodes are everywhere, we use them every day, from so common visit to the supermarket to serious aspects of our work, they are part of our lives. But how did barcodes come about? Who invented them? Where was a barcode first used? And in what ... Show details
The Printer
Did you know that the inventor of the world's first printer was Charles Babbage? The year 1938 is considered the year of the appearance of the modern version of the printer. The discovery, considered revolutionary at the time, worked in a drying ... Show details
Personal Computer (PC)
It is the invention that effectively changed the world, transforming society from an industrial one to an informational one. The first PC was Sphere1 and was created in 1975 by Michael D. Wise at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). On ... Show details
The Computer
At the moment, the computer has become indispensable for most of us, whether we are in the office or at home. We have very few activities left that are not related to or do not involve the use of a computer. But the evolution of computer was a long ... Show details
As you already know, this year Total Technologies has completed 30 years of activity, 30 years since it has been implementing technology and innovation in Romanian businesses. That's why we thought to bring to your attention 30 technological ... Show details