Innovative digital solutions for business support in logistics centers, courier companies, and e-commerce

Innovative digital solutions for business support in logistics centers, courier companies, and e-commerce

The importance of digitizing business processes was a top topic in the agenda of 2019. The turbulence in the economic environment generated by the current situation COVID-19 shows once again how much we can be of help to the automation and digitization solutions.

In this period history is written, a history that for companies can mean the collapse of the business or its reinvention. In some areas, activities have become much more intense: logistics centers, grocery stores, courier companies, and the e-commerce area. Everything is doubled by the need to reduce human interactions.

Total Technologies® offers a number of digital solutions that can successfully meet current challenges.

Automation of warehouse tasks through Voice Commands

Honeywell Voice technology is based on a pick by voice technology, which literally means picking goods using voice commands. In this way, the activities in warehouses or logistic centers are carried out much faster and more accurately. The solution contributes to the growth of the business by accelerating the operations of picking, sourcing, storage, and inventory, generating an accuracy rate of data transmission of 99.98%

The Honeywell Voice solution, successfully promoted and implemented by Total Technologies®, Honeywell Platinum Partner in Romania, is a mature solution, already present in over 60 countries, in distribution center processes, with over 1 000 000 users worldwide.

The implementation of the solution within the Fan Courier warehouses had a major impact on the manual sorting process by reducing the number of errors 5 times, but also by tripling the productivity of the operators (from 300 units per hour to an average of 900 units per hour).

Use of Autonomous Mobile Robots

The Autonomous Fetch Mobile Robots move easily to your warehouse, reduce dependence on forklifts, traffic, and incidents.

For example, Fetch HMIShelf independently transports different types of goods, boxes, packages, safely around people, forklifts and other types of material handling equipment, avoiding dynamic obstacles. It is easy to operate, can be optimized, fully configured and customized.

The field of use of autonomous robots is varied, they can be used successfully in hospitals when the interaction between people is necessary to be restricted or to relieve the medical staff. As an example, 25 robots were used at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco to provide patients with lunch, medicine or to perform other activities that were previously the responsibility of humans.

Digitization of Delivery or Courier services - Track & Trace

The Track & Trace application is absolutely necessary for courier companies or those who want to organize their own delivery process. The application monitors the delivered packages and provides the client with all the necessary details related to it.

AWB (CRM) is assigned to each transport. The application facilitates operations and offers customers the opportunity to track the status of the shipment through a web interface. The application also offers instant confirmation of delivery confirmation.

The supply of mobile printers, tablets or mobile terminals from established suppliers makes Total Technologies® a partner offering integrated services.


Total Technologies® is a company with over 27 years of experience in the IT market, called by many experts '' a company of the future '', specialized in the integration of the equipment for bar code technology, Voice, RFID and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), offering customers complete digital solutions for automatic data collection and processing through applications integrated into industries such as Retail, Courier, Logistics, Distribution, Automotive, Health or Public Administration.