Voice demo & Coffee - How to address today's workforce challenges in logistics?

Voice demo & Coffee - How to address today's workforce challenges in logistics?

“Voice demo & Coffee - How to address today's workforce challenges in logistics?" occurred on November 16, 2022, organized by Total Technologies in collaboration with Honeywell, at Seneca Anticafe. It was an event addressed to logistics professionals, held in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

We started with the Honeywell Voice demonstration, which consisted of a standard picking process of a few lines and products, in order to be able to observe the speed and ease of executing the operations. Basically, the user receives the command through the headset, executes it and verbally confirms the execution. At the same time, some exceptions were included in the flow to show the versatility and flexibility of the voice technology, such as missing stock or wrong picking, so we can also see how the software intervenes in reducing these errors.

After that, the event continued with discussion panels supported by our specialists: Catalin Ivana - BDM & Coach, Total Technologies and Miha Capuder – Account Manager, Voice Specialist, Honeywell.

Catalin Ivana presented the results of the implementation of the Honeywell Voice solution in the workplaces of some Romanian companies. Experience from previous implementations has taught us that Honeywell Voice is the only solution that responds very well to the impending challenges we face with the workforce and at the same time helps to manage the gainful staff well, as users can communicate in their native language with the system. Staff retention increases thanks to the use of a leading solution that allows employees to work much faster and with fewer errors. Honeywell Voice is a great solution for companies that have staff of different nationalities. And as we can see, this is a constantly growing trend.

Miha Capuder brought to the fore the latest trends in logistics, after which he made some recommendations on how companies can get to know their employees better and how they can retain them, because in fact, this is the real challenge of the present, how to retain staff once you hired According to a McKinsey study, 40% of current employees said they are thinking of changing jobs in the next 3-6 months. A characteristic of people who are in the work field today, is that once they are employed, they immediately think about the next step, how to get to a better position, to a higher compensation, and this context almost forces companies to - channelize their efforts to form and grow teams, offering them an easier and safer work environment. Having a solid portfolio of technology at the fingertips of your employees is a powerful competitive advantage.

The discussions expanded, each individual guest receiving answers to questions and personalized suggestions for his business.

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