Honeywell brings Honeywell Voice to Android devices

Honeywell brings Honeywell Voice to Android devices

As customer expectations for delivery continue to rise, order fulfillment is becoming more demanding and distribution centers are under greater pressure than ever to prepare orders faster. It is essential that distribution centers invest in technology that will improve efficiency and productivity in the warehouse to keep up with the increasing demands that the logistics industry is facing today.

For more than 20 years, Honeywell has been helping distribution centers around the world achieve significant increases in productivity and accuracy through the Voice Technology Solution, Honeywell Voice.

Honeywell has now introduced the Voice Solution compatible with today's most popular mobile operating system, Android, to the European market.

Honeywell's recently introduced Android-compatible Guided Work Solutions software paired with devices running this operating system helps logistics companies improve efficiency with hands-free and eyes-free features.

Guided Work Solutions software runs on a wide range of devices, especially Honeywell mobile computers, but can also be used on other Android mobile devices. The Android platform supports multiple interfaces, including voice, scanning, and keyboard. Android devices enhance the user experience and offer differentiated software applications.

Easy to set up and quickly deployed on Honeywell Voice, Guided Work Solutions guides operators through a variety of warehouse tasks, from picking to receiving, replenishment, storage and sorting. Companies can reap numerous benefits, with results showing up to 35% productivity gains, 50% reductions in errors and 20% fewer safety incidents – all while cutting employee training time in half.

In this case the Honeywell Voice Solution is composed of:

  • Giuded Work Solution software;
  • The mobile terminal on which the Voice application runs;
  • Bluetooth headset;

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