RFID is the future
Although RFID technology is not exactly new, there are still not many companies that have implemented it, the main reason being the high cost. RFID tags have become substantially cheaper in recent years, making RFID technology a worthy solution for ... Show details
Future-oriented: Total Technologies and EP Equipment together, grow smart businesses
Total Technologies innovates through AI technologies and proposed and implemented robotic solutions, in February 2024 becoming EP Equipment's authorized integrator partner for the AGV XP 15 solution in Romania and beyond. Just one year after its ... Show details
Human-robot collaboration, the winning synergy in 2024
For 2024 Total Technologies aims to develop a new division for robotic solutions. This year we anticipate seeing a big step forward in human-robot collaboration. The use of robotic solutions creates a new era of efficiency and innovation for ... Show details
Total Technologies enters the healthcare market, in partnership with Advantech
Total Technologies, a reference company on the Romanian technology market, expands its portfolio and in 2023 enters the healthcare market in Romania, in partnership with Advantech, a global leader in the IoT industry and one of the most important ... Show details
Forging a Sustainable Future: The Power of Partnership
In today's reality, businesses have a critical role to play in addressing social and environmental issue and the transition to a fully circular economy is imperative to survive as a civilization. This is precisely why it is crucial to choose ... Show details
AROS - ASBIS Robotic Solutions (AROS)
ASBIS has launched a new robotics division – ASBIS Robotic Solutions (AROS). The core activity of this division is based on two main segments: - distribution of collaborative robots (cobots) from leading global brands in the robotics sector - ... Show details
Total Technologies helps companies become sustainable
DID YOU KNOW? That the new non-financial sustainability reporting directive (CSRD), approved by the European Parliament in November 2022, is also to be adopted by member states this year. - Thus, from 2024 all large companies, with more than 250 ... Show details
In June you have 60% off for PM 43, only on SmartScan.ro
Summer comes with excellent news, between 1 and 30th of June, SmartScan.ro has the best price on the market for Honeywell PM43 printer. Honeywell PM43 is an industrial printer designed for continuous operation. With a robust design and an intuitive ... Show details
Total Technologies participated at the sixth edition of
On 24-th of May 2023, Total Technologies joined the Romanian retail community by participating in the "Retail Tech" conference, an event organized by Govnet Romania, now in its sixth edition. The conference took place at the Grand Hotel ... Show details
A new version of smartscan.ro at your disposal
Because we want to offer you the best products, at the best prices, we are very pleased to announce that starting on May 15, 2023, we will launch the new smartscan.ro version. Simple, intuitive, with a fresh design and a friendly interface, the new ... Show details
Cubetape - 2 in 1 solution, measuring and scanning
 The year 2023 comes with a new partnership for our company. We managed to bring a new innovative product to the Romanian market, Cubetape - a revolutionary mobile dimensioning solution for the T&L sector. Parceltools, a world leader in the ... Show details
The benefits of automation in manufacturing
Manufacturing is one of the most widespread and important sectors for the use of automation technology. Industry4.0 opens a new era in manufacturing automation – an era in which people and machines will work together more and more. The digital ... Show details
Pixevia - Safe, fast and effective shopping!
Total Technologies is the first company that brings PIXEVIA solution to the Romanian market. PIXEVIA was born in Lithuania, as a result of constant efforts to develop cutting-edge software solutions. PIXEVIA specialists invented the concept of ... Show details
Evidei - Advanced asset management solution
Regardless of the industry you operate in or the size of your business, inventorying your fixed assets is vital. EVIDEI is an application that ensures an efficient asset management and inventory counting process. It can speed up the inventory ... Show details
Honeywell brings Honeywell Voice to Android devices
As customer expectations for delivery continue to rise, order fulfillment is becoming more demanding and distribution centers are under greater pressure than ever to prepare orders faster. It is essential that distribution centers invest in ... Show details
Honeywell 8675i
With a futuristic design and built with Flex Range technology, Honeywell's 8675i is a portable device that facilitates barcode scanning, being extremely easy to handle, always at hand and thus improving user productivity. The Honeywell 8675i ... Show details
SOTI - One Platform
Today mobility is essential for any company. Multiple employees in different locations perform multiple tasks from multiple applications, on multiple operating systems and device types at the same time. The rapid growth of the number of employees and ... Show details
Traceability of sterilized medical devices for dental offices
On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, Total Technologies together with iDava Solutions, is launching a special offer for dental offices. This dental sterile device traceability project supports automation in dental healthcare to help provide safe medical ... Show details
FarEye - the ideal solution for couriers
FarEye is a unique solution, developed specifically for the courier segment. FarEye's all-in-one, no-codding delivery platform gives you customization, real-time visibility, access to customer experiences and business process management; all this ... Show details
Voice demo & Coffee - How to address today's workforce challenges in logistics?
“Voice demo & Coffee - How to address today's workforce challenges in logistics?" occurred on November 16, 2022, organized by Total Technologies in collaboration with Honeywell, at Seneca Anticafe. It was an event addressed to ... Show details
#Black Week has started on smartscan.ro
Total Technologies is starting the special campaign, #BlackWeek, which will take place between November 7-13, on our e-commerce platform, smartscan.ro. We have special offers with discounts of up to 66% on some of our most popular products such ... Show details
Honeywell Voice, Maintenance & Inspection
Everything related to maintenance, technical inspections and repairs must meet certain standards and requires precise documentation. Companies that own high-value assets face significant expenses allocated to comply with inspection, maintenance and ... Show details
Total Technologies is organizing the event
On 16-th November 2022, starting at 9.30 am, will take place the"Voice demo & Coffee - How to address today's workforce challenges in logistics?", organized in collaboration with our partner Honeywell.  Are you active in the ... Show details
Technologies that can take your warehouse to the next level
At this moment, the commerce is going through a period of transition. Almost all major retailers are turning their attention to e-commerce platforms that are accessible 24/7/365. As a result, it has become essential for warehouses to streamline their ... Show details
9 advantages that automation can bring to your business
What is automation?           Automation is the process of adapting a business to the digital age and generally involves the integration of machines and/or computers into an autonomous system. Automation has revolutionized ... Show details
Electronic Shelf Labels
With the advent of online stores, enormous pressure has been placed on physical commerce. In order to keep up with the current reality, physical retail is forced to constantly find various ways to increase their productivity and reduce ... Show details
Robots won't steal our jobs!
There is a growing anxiety about the future of the labor market. One of the bigest fears about automation is: robots will steal our jobs! These fears have been fueled by the press around the world, which in recent years has been full of headlines ... Show details
Why do you need RFID technology? 9 benefits of adopting RFID solutions.
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an advanced technology that enables you to identify an object, animal or a person, wirelessly using data transmitted through radio waves. Regardless of the type of business you run, RFID can help ... Show details
Total Technologies organizes
On 20-th September, 2022, starting at 10.00 am, will take place the workshop "How to reduce the execution time and human errors in your warehouse?",  organized in collaboration with our technologic partner, Honeywell, with the support ... Show details
Operational Intellingence - what is it and how does it helps you to manage your business effectively?
Operational Intelligence from Honeywell is an asset management solution that helps you track, manage, and optimize your mobile device usage across all workspaces. It is an intelligent  software that goes beyond simple data collection. Take ... Show details
Universal Robots Solutions
This year Universal Robots brand has joined the Total Technologies portfolio. Universal Robots is a Danish company that dominates the collaborative robot market worldwide.The company's vison was to make robot-based technology accesible to ... Show details
We bring technology to romanian business space for over 30 years!
Total Technologies has completed 30 years of activity,  during which it has consolidated its position as a market leader in Romania, in the industry of integrated solutions for logistics spaces, aimed at making the activity of our final ... Show details
Total Technologies® helps you choose a label printer for your business
There are many types of printers on the market, each with different features but with the same purpose. However, this goal tends to confuse people, which is why the vast majority decide to buy high-capacity printers for home use. As you can imagine, ... Show details
Picking by voice - What is it and how it can help you opmitize your logistics?
Honeywell Voice is the new technology that is increasingly revolutionizing more logistics deposits around the world. This system offers a number of interesting advantages, of which are the ease of use and speed in the porking operations in the ... Show details
Discover the Honeywell solutions that Total Technologies surprises you with at the end of the year
At the end of the year, Total Technologies surprises you with new solutions for your business. Honeywell PD45S Industrial Printer Meet The PD45S Honeywell’s New Commercial Grade Industrial Printer suited for manufacturing, retail, ... Show details
Magic holidays! - Total Technologies team's wishes for partners and collaborators
The holiday season is a good time to reflect on the year that is nearing its end. In 2021, we continued to adapt our way of life and learn new ways of doing everyday tasks, including how to do business. Total Technologies would like to thank you for ... Show details
Partnership for the delivery of Christmas joy
"We are happy to be partners, suppliers, and customers at the same time! With the help of digital solutions implemented with Total Tehnologies for the work processes within the Boromir warehouses, we have increased the yields in order to be able ... Show details
8 years of successful partnership: Total Technologies and BekaertDeslee
  Looking to improve the experiences of partners and customers, Total Technologies proposed to conduct a ... Show details
Preparing Your Warehouse for New World Challenges
Both your operations and the people in your companies are constantly on the move - and under pressure. Whether they choose products, repair equipment, or learn new tasks, associates often have their hands full of scans, devices, checklists, ... Show details
Total Technologies signs partnership with TSC Printronix Auto ID, becoming Silver Partner
During October, Total Technologies signed a new successful partnership! The company's portfolio has been joined by the TSC Printronix Auto ID brand, a reliable source for barcode label printing solutions and a company with an impressive range of ... Show details
Three ways to prepare your retail warehouse and distribution center teams for the holiday season
As workers become busier, their risk of burnout ticks up. Use these tricks and tools to help reduce their stress and ensure your success during another turbulent holiday season.  It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday ... Show details
Maximizing warehouse productivity
Every square meter in the warehouse costs money. Especially when productivity of the warehouse space is not optimized. But how do you define and measure the productivity of the warehouse space and how can it be increased? LNConsult Account ... Show details
Total Technologies, Gold member ARILOG - Partnership for automation and digitization in logistics
The year 2021 is a year of lasting partnerships, a year of innovation, and accelerated development for Total Technologies, which is why the company signed the re-registration within the Romanian Logistics Association (ARILOG). "We are ... Show details
Total Technologies, FAN Courier & Honeywell Case Studies
"With the right partners, you get optimal results and peace of mind!" This is the conclusion reached by FAN Courier, the leader of courier services in Romania, following the case study conducted together with Honeywell and Total ... Show details
The trackers in the barcode jungle
With the Genesis XP 7680g presentation scanner and the HF520 wide-angle imager from Honeywell, you will enjoy full visibility in the daily barcode jungle. In the everyday jungle of scanning challenges, it is an advantage to ... Show details
Top of the line DC worker productivity
Operating a distribution center in today's climate is more challenging than ever. Many operators are looking to future-proof their businesses so that they can keep up with demand and on top of trends and scale up. From advanced scanning, ... Show details
Digitalisation, the bet of the brave during the pandemic
Romania’s largest courier company deploys Honeywell CT60 and EDA51 mobile computers in response to growing demand for home delivery in Romania Android-based rugged computers and cloud-based performance software will enable FAN Courier to ... Show details
It transforms workforce performance and delivers superior results in automotive
Total Technologies offers you the ideal solutions, from assembly line inspection to aftermarket parts distribution, integrated workflow solutions from Honeywell, which lead to productivity, reduced execution time, and precision results. Choosing a ... Show details
Choose to grow your business through efficient methods! Barcode scanning is the road to productivity
From the first barcode reader, derived from a movie sound system, to today's laptops, barcode readers have evolved significantly over time. The first barcodes were developed to manage stocks in the food industry. The diversity of areas in which ... Show details
A wider range of solutions to your challenges
Another important partner has been added to the Total Technologies® portfolio Through this partnership, we offer you solutions that support your business in the current context, but also the staff in safe health conditions. Total ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> adds to the portfolio the fixed assets inventory solution by Evidei (assets management)
Significantly eliminates human errors with the EVIDEI inventory solution. Entered in the Total Technologies® portfolio in September, following a rigorous research, Evidei is a fast inventory solution, scalable and accurate, cost-effective and ... Show details
Because we think about the future, we also have solutions for your future challenges
With the Orbit HF680 scanner you have fast scanning, simplified integration, modern design and an excellent price Take advantage of our latest Scanning Promotion! For a limited period of time, for any 3 HF680 devices purchased, you will get an ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> continues with discounts!
On SmartScan we have Black Week! We do not stop here! We still have promotional prices for you to support your projects that you have proposed.   Because we know that your decisions are not made overnight and the importance of support from ... Show details
Are you ready to deliver the large volume of Black Friday orders on time? You have very little time left! We offer you the quick and easy solution to implement!
Did you know that over 1,000,000 products were sold in the Black Friday 2019 campaign? Since 1992, we have been with large companies, offering them customized digital solutions and covering the most complex requirements in the field of business ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> contributes to the automation of the
Automating the process of taking orders Easy access to information on mobile phones leads to fast communication of commercial promotions. The fluidization of internal operational flows is an essential objective of any business, and the ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup>, near you this Black Friday! Time is running, be ready!
We support you to face the challenges in the current context and the sales volume during the big discounts. Your customers are eager to receive orders in a short time and without delivery errors, and we help you live up to their expectations. How? We ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> keeps you up to date with the new products launched “ Granite models with improved performance ”
Granit 1990iXR & 1991iXR Ultra-Rugged eXpanded Range Ensure maximum productivity and uptime with Granit™ 1990iXR and 1991iXR expanded range ultra-rugged barcode scanners. Best-in-class durability ensures low TCO. Premium scanning ... Show details
Did you enroll in the SME program? Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> can provide you eligible equipments for financing, necessary for your business optimization
“SME Leasing of equipment and machinery” The leasing scheme for equipment and machinery for SMEs has been published in the Official Journal. The Ministry of Finance will draw up the rules for the application of the Emergency Ordinance ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> and Honeywell are moving, workers health is important “HONEYWELL VOICE WORKS WITH MASKS”
Our solution works "hands free", almost without having to touch the equipment. Each worker has their own equipment, their own headset , and most importantly, wearing a mask is not an impediment to using the voice solution. Our voice ... Show details
Safe and protected with the Voyager 1470g and Xenon 1952g scanners with disinfectant-ready housing
Total Technologies® responds of your business challenges, in pandemic time. We provide support and sustain the rules from this difficult period, according to each field of activity / sector / industry, both in terms of solutions and equipment ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> supports social distancing and healthcare with the
Total Technologies® offers social distancing solutions, tested and functional, "Close to me" and "Vita", with wide applicability (suitable for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, financial-banking institutions, public / private ... Show details
How retailers (groceries) manage social distancing
In the current crisis generated by the state of health emergency, retailers have to cope with the current demand for food by keeping stocks on the shelf and limiting both the number of people entering stores and their interaction with ... Show details
Exceptional durability and reliability for the toughest environments!
As an Official Zebra Partner in Romania, Total Technologies® offers in the field service or retail area the new Premium Rugged ZQ511 and ZQ521 mobile printers, with a standard 2-year ... Show details
Transport & Logistics (T&L) has witnessed many changes in recent times, largely due to the type of work and diversity within the sector. While the immediate need during this crisis is an operational supply chain, the next focus will be to ... Show details
Clean and Safe!
Total Technologies® offers you Honeywell solutions, the equipment with complete disinfection instructions and thus you protect your customers effectively! ÎIn the current context, thorough hand hygiene is especially important for your ... Show details
Pharmacies are constantly delivering the elements of their lives to people, and the health crisis has significantly affected them, requiring them to measure a working period to limit interactions with customers and to keep or distance them according ... Show details
Remote communication in retail
Internal communication is essential in any business, but due to the difficult time in the world, retailers have had to adapt and take the necessary measures for the safety of employees and customers. Technology is evolving faster and retailers need ... Show details
Experiences in the field of restaurant care and work depending on the units, estimate the storage quantities come in the proportion of 60-70% for top-selling units. Given the current health situation, a number of restaurants can be obtained and 100% ... Show details
From traditional to online commerce through click & collect
Retailers are familiar with the concept of click & collect, but amid the current global health crisis, they have been forced to close their stores altogether, moving their business to the online environment, for the safety of buyers and ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> offers you two versions of RT10 Tablets, Android and Windows
The Honeywell RT10 tablet was designed to withstand the harshest environments, is easy to manage and integrated into any work environment, making it easy to stream information. This keeps the managers permanently connected with the workers, making it ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> introduces you to the new Honeywell Voice models!
The new SRX3 wireless headset enhances the performance and comfort of the employee in the warehouse, offering unparalleled communication capabilities through the most advanced voice recognition technology, increasing the productivity and accuracy ... Show details
Quickly scan barcodes with Orbit 7190g barcode reader from Total Technologies<sup>®</sup>
Total Technologies® proposes you the Orbit 7190g barcode reader to make your barcode reading more efficient and safe without touching it. Orbit 7190g is the ideal barcode reader for high performance and accurate scanning of 1D, 2D and PDF ... Show details
Innovative digital solutions for business support in logistics centers, courier companies, and e-commerce
The importance of digitizing business processes was a top topic in the agenda of 2019. The turbulence in the economic environment generated by the current situation COVID-19 shows once again how much we can be of help to the automation and ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> proposes the PC43K
The Honeywell PC43K is the "all-in-one" solution of care: tablet, label printer, scanner, and software configuration flow software, ensuring full system integration. The modular PC-K design is ideal for all types of business: retail, ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> attended the annual meeting of Vocollect partners from Europe
Total Technologies® attended the annual meeting of Vocollect partners from Europe   The annual meeting of Vocollect by Honeywell partners took place on October 16-17, 2019 in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, bringing ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> present at the Expo Shop Romexpo, October 9-11!
KEEP YOUR BUSINESS CONNECTED TO THE FUTURE   Total Technologies®, with over 27 years of experience in the IT industry, is a company of the future, specialized in the integration of bar code technology equipment, Vocollect, RFID and ... Show details
#TotalTechnologies & #Honeywell prezent la GoTech Romexpo, 2-3 Octombrie!
Total Technologies® cu o experiență de peste 27 de ani pe piața IT, este o companie a viitorului, specializată în integrarea echipamentelor pentru tehnologia codurilor de bare, Vocollect, RFID și Roboți Autonomi Mobili (AMR), ce ... Show details
Migrating from Windows to Android with Mobility Edge by Honeywell!
In business, changes are part of business development, finding new opportunities, building new strategies, accumulating new knowledge. Microsoft has decided that from January 14, 2020, it will no longer support Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, the ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> proposes the Autonomous Mobile Fetch HMIShelf Robot!
Total Technologies® proposes you, as Official Partner of Fetch Robotics, the HMIShelf Autonomous Mobile Robot! Fetch HMIShelf independently carries different types of goods, boxes, packages, safely around people, forklifts and other types of ... Show details
Honeywell PX940 Industrial Printer by Total Technologies<sup>®</sup>!
Total Technologies®, Honeywell's official partner and the only authorized service in Romania, proposes you the Honeywell PX940 industrial printer with two printing versions, the first without the label verification, and the second with their ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> invited you to Les RENCONTRES FRANCOPHONES d 'AFFAIRES together with the partners Honeywell and Fetch Robotics!
Total Technologies®, Official Partner Honeywell and Fetch Robotics, participates in the Les RENCONTRES FRANCOPHONES d 'AFFAIRES event, being invited as a "Company of the Future". During the event, Total Technologies® will ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> automates your warehouse with Fetch Robots!
Want to make your warehouse work time-efficient? Total Technologies® has the best solution for you, Freight500! The Autonomous Mobile Robots help you in the activities of the warehouse by shortening the travel time. The Freight500 Autonomous ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> has won the innovation award in SUPPLY-CHAIN 2019!
The prize for innovation in SUPPLY-CHAIN 2019 is awarded to the company TOTAL TECHNOLOGIES! Total Technologies® obtains the award for innovation in SUPPLY-CHAIN 2019, within the Transit Expo event 2019, for the FETCH ROBOTICS solution, as the ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> proposes the Honeywell Dolphin CT60 terminal!
Total Technologies®, Official Honeywell Platinum Partner in Romania, presents the Honeywell Dolphin CT60 mobile terminal, developed on the Mobility Edge platform. It is highly recommended especially in the tobacco industry, complying with the TPD ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> present at Expo Transit with partners Honeywell and Fetch Robotics!
Total Technologies®, Official Partner Platinum Honeywell in Romania and Official Partner Fetch Robotics in Romania and Moldova, participate in the Transit Expo event, where it will present at the stand, the new equipment and digital solutions ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> present at Arilog Conference- Keep Your Business CONNECTED To The Future!
Wednesday, May 15, Total Technologies®, Official Partner Platinum Honeywell attends the 17th edition of the Arilog Conference event, which takes place at the Ramada Parc Hotel. As part of the event, Total Technologies® presents digital ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> attends the Honeywell EE&M Partner Conference!
Total Technologies®, Official Partner Platinum Honeywell, attends the Honeywell EE&M Partner Conference event held at Corinthia Hotel Budapest. We are honored to be nominated and then the winners of the PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2018 award which ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> introduces you to the new Honeywell CK65!
Total Technologies® partner Platinum Honeywell in Romania presents the new member of the Mobility Edge family, the CK65 equipment. It is specially designed to reduce costs and speed up the working time of operators. This device is provided with a ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> implements mobile autonomous robots in Romania and Moldova!
Total Technologies® has become an official partner of Fetch Robotics in Romania and Moldova, offering distribution centers autonomous mobile robots that help to streamline large volumes of warehouse activities. CartConnect is an autonomous mobile ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> present at Courier & Postal Services Forum- Romania 2019
Today, April 17, Total Technologies®, Official Partner Platinum Honeywell also participates this year in the event Courier & Postal Services Forum- Romania 2019, which takes place at the Intercontinental Hotel. It is the 6th edition ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> Official Partner Fetch Robotics - Autonomous robots in distribution centers!
Starting March 1, 2019, Total Technologies® has become an official partner of Fetch Robotics in Romania and Moldova, offering distribution centers autonomous mobile robots that help to streamline large volumes of warehouse activities. The ... Show details
Less than a month until February 9, 2019! Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161 for the serialization of medicines!
Following Directive 2011 / 62UE and Delegated Regulation 2016/161 establishing a set of detailed rules for the safety elements appearing on the packaging of medicinal products for human use, the latter will have a unique identification code and a ... Show details
The new ScanPal EDA51
Total Technologies®, Platinum Honeywell Partner in Romania introduces you - New ScanPal EDA51, high-performance device built with Android 8.0 operating system, ScanPal EDA51 can be easily used with a touchscreen interface and offers ... Show details
Thor VM1A - The new mobile computer!
Total Technologies®, Honeywell Platinum Partner in Romania announces the launch of the new Thor VM1A industrial computer, which is a "refresh" on VM1 and CV41 versions. The Thor VM1A computer improves operator productivity by reducing ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> - present at I&M World - Smart Business Equipment and Solutions!
Total Technologies® is an IT company with over 25 years of experience, specialized in integrating barcode, RFID and VOICE technology into automatic data collection and processing applications, mobile and fixed printing solutions. Total ... Show details
Optimize Your Workflow Performance
Optimizes workflow performance through voice solutions Deposits equipped with voice solutions are already a reality of today's market, in which companies need increasing speed and increased accuracy of operations. Presentation of Vocollect ... Show details
The Innovation Award
The award for innovation in digital voice solutions in SUPPLY CHAIN 2018 is awarded to Total Technologies®   During the EXPO Transit 2018 event, held from April 26 to 27, in Cluj, Total Technologies®, Platinum Honeywell partner and the ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> has finalized the implementation of the solution that has led to triple the productivity and increase the accuracy within FAN COURIER warehouses
Honeywell Vocollect Voice solution, successfully promoted and implemented by Total Technologies®, Platinum Partner Honeywell in Romania, is a mature solution, already present in over 60 countries, in distribution center processes, with over 1 000 ... Show details
Total Technologies<sup>®</sup> and I.O.S. Software Solutions join forces
Total Technologies announces the collaboration with I.O.S. Software Solutions, a company with large experience in integrating network, communications, compute & storage, cyber-security and back-up solutions. The partnership is based on ... Show details
               We support you to face the challenges in the current context and the sales volume during the big discounts. Your customers are eager to receive orders in a short ... Show details
Total Technologies signs partnership with TSC Printronix Auto ID, becoming Silver Partner
During October, Total Technologies signed a new successful partnership! The company's portfolio has been joined by the TSC Printronix Auto ID brand, a reliable source for barcode label printing solutions and a company with an impressive range of ... Show details
Quicktron Robotics Strengthens European Presence Through Strategic Collaboration with Total Technologies
Shanghai— November 27, 2023– Quicktron Robotics, a pioneering force in the robotics industry, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Total Technologies®, a distinguished business consultant and digital solutions ... Show details