The trackers in the barcode jungle

The trackers in the barcode jungle

With the Genesis XP 7680g presentation scanner and the HF520 wide-angle imager from Honeywell, you will enjoy full visibility in the daily barcode jungle.

In the everyday jungle of scanning challenges, it is an advantage to have experienced experts in the field of barcode reading with you. For production and retail operators, they’re called the Genesis XP 7680g and HF520. The presentation scanner and the fixed wide-angle imager impress with the courage to face any scanning task your customers may have and the composure with which they tackle it within seconds.

Made for big challenges
With Honeywell scanners, there’s hardly a task they aren’t equipped to handle. That’s thanks to the HF520’s impressive motion tolerance of up to 1.2 metres per second and the Genesis XP 7680g’s 1-megapixel imager, along with field-proven XP scanning technology and high depth of field. Both scanning features enable the fast and accurate capture of 1D/2D barcodes – both from printed labels and digitally from LCD or OLED displays. The Genesis XP 7680g also captures DOT codes and Digimarc barcodes.

Perfectly adapted to your environment
A USB and RS-232 interface ensure quick integration of the scanners and fast operation. The Genesis XP 7680g is additionally supported by RS-485 and KBW and is equipped with a Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor and a very helpful three-colour 360° LED ring.

Fast, faster, impact-resistant
On busy days, we sometimes can’t see the products for the barcodes. Dropping the scanners is almost inevitable. That’s why Honeywell has equipped both with robust housing that easily withstands falls of up to 1.5 metres and is protected against dust and dripping water (Genesis XP 7680g only) in accordance with IP40 (HF520) or IP52 (Genesis XP 7680g). In addition, the compact design ensures convenient handling – beyond the shift.

Genesis XP 7680g

  • Presentation scanner with XP scanning technology
  • Integrated 1-megapixel imager
  • Three-colour 360° LED ring
  • Dimensions: 80 × 40 × 105/145 mm with stand (L×W×H)


  • Wide-angle imager for fixed mounting
  • Movement tolerance of 1.2 m/sec.
  • Ideal for self-check-in/out
  • Dimensions of 41.7 × 41.7 × 32.5 mm