Honeywell Voice, Maintenance & Inspection

Honeywell Voice, Maintenance & Inspection

Everything related to maintenance, technical inspections and repairs must meet certain standards and requires precise documentation. Companies that own high-value assets face significant expenses allocated to comply with inspection, maintenance and repair requirements. Many of these companies still use the classic, manual methods for carrying out these processes, so they remain ineffective and especially inaccurate. That is why quite often there is a need to resume these processes and implicitly there are interruptions and delays in the operational flows, that cost time and money.

Honeywell Voice, Maintenance & Inspection meets these shortcomings by providing your technicians with clear, step-by-step instructions at a fast pace.  This way, you can more easily follow standard procedures, document the status of your equipment and confirm when every step of a process has been completed — and everything in real time!

Honeywell Voice, Maintenance & Inspection solution has the following components:

• Robust helmet that suppresses background noise through SoundSense™ technology

• Directional microphones that deliver clear sound from the operators to the system

• A wearable mobile device for interface with the Honeywell Voice system

• Advanced software that integrates with your system

Benefits of Honeywell Voice, Maintenance & Inspection

• Increased efficiency by eliminating manual data entry

• Improved compliance and simplified data collection

• Improved accuracy by eliminating transposition errors

• Real-time visibility of operations information

• Ability to adapt quickly to workflow changes

• Increasing employee satisfaction and retention

• Reduced training time for new employees

By using text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies (available in over 40 languages), Honeywell Voice M&I converts the operation of standard procedures to technicians, who are directed to each task or step required in the maintenance, inspection or repair of equipment.

Honeywell Voice M&I technology helps companies streamline their record retention and frees up your technicians, making them available earlier for other, more productive tasks within your business.  With Honeywell Voice, M&I operational outages are minimized, documentation is automated, and compliance is assured. If you want to find out what exactly Honeywell Voice, Maintenance & Inspection solution can do for your business, our specialists are always at your disposal, tel +40 372 317 714.