XP15 Cobot Pallet Truck

XP15 Cobot Pallet Truck

XP15 represents an intelligent intralogistics solution, capable of acting both as a mobile robot and as an electric pallet truck. Its installation is simple, suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, XP15 offers flexibility in terms of changing work tasks and configuring new routes. Equipped with a standard 24V/60Ah plug-in Li-ion interchangeable battery, XP15 provides long operating times and optimal availability.

XP15 uses 2D visual navigation technology, in collaboration with randomly placed markers, so that it always recognizes its position to follow its route. Furthermore, to prevent collisions and ensure operational safety, XP15 uses bumper strips and Lidar detectors.

Transports pallets from point A to point B, guided by "stars".


Operates independently, no integration with software applications required.
Autonomous movement, navigation "by stars".
Easy to implement (1-2 days), use, and maintain.
Runs on Li-ion electric battery, no need for charging station.
Increased productivity, payload of up to 1.5t.
Cost reductions, also available for rent.
Enhanced efficiency, optional keyboard and/or call box.
Reduces the impact of labor shortages.
Improved safety for operators in the working space.
Technology with minimal environmental impact.
Ideal industries for XP15
Commercial spaces
Waste management

Your best co-worker

The XP15 can function as both a autonomous mobile robot and an electric pallet truck, and you can switch between manual and automatic operation with the push of a button. Additionally, XP15 is equipped with bumper strips and Lidar detectors that prevent collisions for worker safety.

Stand alone installation

XP15 is easy to configure for various applications without requiring knowledge of specialized IT or hardware and software.

Flexible application

The XP15 device provides route settings and transportation task monitoring through Bluetooth, and users can easily add new routes and stations using their phone.

Plug-in interchangeable Li-ion battery

The XP15 has a plug-in battery design and uses EP's standard battery box with a 24V/60Ah Li-ion battery. This ensures maximum uptime and provides high availability and flexibility.

2D visual navigation

The 2D visual navigation technology provides XP15 with stable and adaptable navigation. Absolute positioning, with randomly placed markers and visual navigation, allows the vehicle to know its position at any given moment to continue its route.

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