Print quality to your business

Print quality to your business

 Despite the fact that little by little the aim is to eliminate the use of paper, it is still very present in the business, and an example is label printers. They are very practical, because at a ridiculous small cost you can print business cards, tickets, clothing labels, stickers for logistics company and almost anything else that comes to your mind..Today there are so many label printers on the market, that it is very difficult to know which one is the right one.

One of the latest generation printers is the Zebra GK420t. It is the best investments  a company can make, because it is certified to operate in sterile environments. The printer can print 127 mm/s, which is a lot for a machine of this type. It comes with one of the simplest roller recharging systems, which means that anyone can change the roll, extremely easily. What is really extraordinary, is that this type of printer is capable of printing medical bracelets that will withstand sterilization, just like the labels you remove with it. Another interesting fact is that it does not have moving parts, which greatly prolongs its service life and makes the purchase price much more cost-effective, compared to other printers in the same category. Given its price and characteristics, it is usually used in very specific environments, such as in the medical one or environments similar to it.

But if you're an online retailer, maybe you've already got an idea, but you still need few more informations about the right type of printer for your business. A label printer is essential for e-commerce logistics. A transport label includes an essential element in any package: the barcode. If it cannot be scanned, there may be problems processing the shipment to the distribution center. Label printers are the best solution for printing transport labels in a quick and easy way. You will save time and also make sure that any barcode is printed correctly on the label.

Choosing a label printer is just like choosing any other product, it will depend on your needs. At first glance, a label printer seems to be something basic and simple at the same time. So it may seem that choosing the cheaper model is the best option. But reality says that a cheap label printer can make you spend twice as much time on the same task. It's important to determine whether you're going to add special and different images, logos, or characters that need to be clearly visible on your transit labels. In this case, you may need a printer with the option to change the font and font color. 

Also, if you move a lot through the repository when tagging, a portable label printer is recommended. It will make your work a lot easier because you can take it with you, without having to go back to the work table to print. In this case, you should also consider whether the printer works with batteries. Those that are connected to a power supply are obviously better if you work in a permanent position.

To print transport labels, you really should choose a printer that has quality printing, where all the details of the label can be clearly seen and are not erased by printing. A wrong label can mean that you lose a package or return it to you continuously because you cannot read the barcodes.

Label printers are essential in business environments for their versatility, allowing them to print barcodes, QR codes, logos, tickets, stickers, and almost anything else you can think of.