Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous robots mobile (AMR)

Autonomous Fetch Mobile Robots move easily to your warehouse, reduce dependence on forklifts, traffic and incidents. Fetch robots use a suite of sensors and algorithms to perform tasks such as: collecting data and transporting materials to industrial units.


Fetch CartConnect uses multiple sensors to ensure the safe and efficient navigation between locations, it transports materials in an installation with a speed of up to 2 meters per second, is designed to work with people, forklifts and other material handling equipment in occupied storage environments.

Fetch CartConnect includes 2D and 3D camera integration, dynamic obstacle detection and avoidance, turn-by-turn functionality and blue floor lighting.



Fetch RollerTop moves autonomously on the ends of the conveyors to receive and / or deposit materials, it aligns with precision and repeatability to millimeters for reliable interactions between conveyors and conveyors.
Fetch RollerTop avoids dynamic obstacles by allowing safe and truly collaborative operation around people and fast-moving vehicles such as forklifts, so you can extend and adapt existing transport.



The Fetch Freight500 ships pallets on-demand without the need for infrastructure changes, so no wires, magnets, tape or QR tags need to be installed. It has a maximum usable area of 1265mm x 838mm and can accommodate EUR6 pallets and various large items.
The Fetch Freight500 is equipped with 8 3D cameras with a 4m radius for 360-degree visibility and two 2D cameras to scan the safe travel and rotation area, charging in 2 hours at 90% capacity, having autonomy of 9 hours of continuous operation.



Fetch Freight1500 automatically and safely transports pallets, heavy and heavy loads throughout the warehouse, reducing traffic and incidents. It creates a less crowded and safer storage environment by hosting a standard American pallet size of 40 ″ x48 ″ and has a load capacity of 1500kg.

 The Fetch Freight1500 has built-in sensor technology that ensures the quietest movement, resulting in safety and top speed.


Fetch HMIShelf independently carries different types of goods, boxes, packages, safely around people, forklifts and other types of material handling equipment, avoiding dynamic obstacles. It is easy to operate and can be optimized, fully configured and customized.

Fetch HMIShelf has an integrated, easy-to-use touch screen that does not require any training, helping to improve efficiency and productivity immediately after implementation. It can also be integrated with a WMS.


FetchTagSurveyor automatically collects data with autonomous loading, so you can monitor the continuous cycle and inventory tracking, providing a clear view of the data. It can also be integrated with the ERP module.

FetchTagSurveyor RFID can be configured to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it moves constantly and accurately through repositories to provide consistent and reliable results.

Video - Fetch Robotics in action